Dyer Engineering Replaces Existing Solution with Epicor ERP

Dyer Engineering, a UK-based sub-contract fabrication and specialist engineering company, has apparently selected the Epicor next-generation enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) solution to replace its existing local ERP solution. Dyer Engineering claims to have always been an early adopter of advanced technology, and the company has used its existing ERP solution since 1999. While ERP is already embedded in all departments there were areas of missing functionality, and the software was unable to perform in the way the management team required to aid in reaching the company's growth target. In other words, spreadsheets were “supplementing” the ERP system. The competition for a new ERP system included a global mid-market and another local British competitor of Epicor.

As stated in a news release, Dyer had outgrown its current systems, needed a solution that could support the desired growth, and the combination of a leading product and dealing directly with a large international player is why Epicor won. Dyer Engineering's project team was particularly impressed by the flexibility offered by Epicor through features such as user-customizable application screens, its ability to interface with and connect the shop floor to the ERP system, as well as process flexibility through business process management (BPM) logic (rules that can be triggered by or trigger other events based on specified criteria). For example, a BPM could be used to trigger a supervisor to be e-mailed when a manufacturing job overruns its scheduled time by a specified percentage, so that remedial action can be taken.

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