E2open Business Network Surpasses 100,000 Registered Users

E2open is a provider of cloud-based software solutions enabling enterprises to procure, manufacture, sell, and distribute products more efficiently through collaborative execution across global trading networks. Brand owners can use E2open solutions to gain visibility into and control over their trading networks through the real-time information, integrated business processes, and advanced analytics that E2open provides.

A few months after going public, the company announced that the E2open Business Network has surpassed 100,000 unique registered users and has grown 25 percent since this time a year ago. The E2open Business Network allows participants to securely access and share information and to perform business processes with external parties in real time to coordinate their key supply chain-related functions. More than 33,000 trading partners in 69 countries currently participate in the network. Unlike traditional business-to-business (B2B) exchanges or connectivity solutions, the E2open Business Network facilitates partner integration and process orchestration through the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. E2open Business Network users have access to real-time, cross-network data flows, providing them with predictive visibility and information exchange.

The value prop for a trading partner participating in the E2open Business Network is direct connectivity to a brand owner and other trading partners in the network. Instead of passing information manually by phone, fax, or e-mail, and having information out of sync (as is often the case when using spreadsheets), participants are able to have a real-time view of trading network activity. E2open overcomes information fragmentation, latency, and manual communication to increase productivity and improve decision making among partners.

The value prop for E2open is that by creating a large network of interconnected trading partners, spanning the globe, the company has a large community of partners already on board—partners that are likely partners of the buying customer. E2open claims to frequently hear from prospective and existing customers, “wow, most of our partners are already on the E2open Network.” If and when the trading partners are already up and running in the E2open environment, the learning curve is faster and easier and onboard. This makes it more attractive to run their trading network on E2open, which in turn translates into growth for E2open.

The E2open Business Network is the foundation for each brand owner to generate the analytics appropriate to its specific trading partner network. Leveraging real-time information, each brand owner can use the data to make better decisions (e.g., respond to unplanned disruptions—from demand spikes to natural disasters) that take into account the extended network’s ability to execute. A supply chain control tower solution requires a real-time network foundation to do the “what-if” analysis appropriate to that business. We will watch closely the “solvers” (optimization engines) that E2open might deliver in the future to provide even more optimized recommendations during “what-if” scenario runs.

TEC article (June 2012): Discussing E2open’s Pre-IPO State of Affairs
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