E2open Gets More High-tech Supply Chain Clout via SERUS

E2open, a provider of cloud-based supply chain network connectivity, business process management (BPM), and analytics solutions, recently acquired SERUS Corporation, supplier of extended supply chain management (SCM) solutions for high tech companies. By combining the SERUS technology with the E2open Business Network, E2open hopes to extend its dominance in the high tech supply chain in semiconductor and technology-driven discrete manufacturing industries, such as medical devices, aerospace and defense (A&D), automotive, industrial equipment, and telecommunications.
In order to manage change in a collaborative planning environment, one needs processes to evaluate the potential impact and execution of change. If a supplier must make new stuff for the buyer, it must develop a new product, ramp up inventory, handle obsolete inventory, etc. SERUS adds cloud-based capabilities in collaboration and managing process intellectual property (IP), NPI, and engineering change orders (ECOs). The solution can track detailed semiconductor material flows and processing steps within manufacturing facilities (outsourced or owned) and provide near real-time visibility, operations performance, and test analytics.
SERUS’ supplier contract compliance capabilities can manage service-based contracts and automate manufacturing contract execution, and the solution can track consumption and leverage contracts and “actual work” to generate “contract compliant” invoices. The system supports manufacturing costs, contract compliance management, spend, and projected cost analytics. Last but not least, SERUS’ design for manufacturing capabilities provide a comprehensive data model to support an aggregated and parametric representation of product, bill of material (BOM), approved vendor list (AVL), and value network with manufacturing process specifications and desired outcomes.
SERUS’ current customers include AMD, Cypress, Flextronics, IDT, Juniper, Nvidia, Oracle, and Qualcomm/Atheros. E2open’s offering will be the one to match and beat in the high-tech supply chain network visibility space.
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