E2open Launches E2 Rapid Resolutions

E2open, a provider of cloud-based solutions for collaborative execution across global trading networks, recently announced the addition of E2 Rapid Resolutions to extend E2open's flagship E2open Business Network with cross-network prescriptive analytics for decision support. More than 35,000 trading partners, with over 108,000 unique registered users, currently participate in the E2open Business Network, which allows participants to access and share data and execute business processes in a secure and real-time manner. The network also provides collaboration tools and analytics so that E2open customers can make more informed and efficient decisions.

E2 Rapid Resolutions leverages E2open’s cloud-based network and process layers, as well as common integration and data models for continuous monitoring, earlier detection, and faster resolution of supply chain disruptions. With faster, more intelligent responses, companies can reduce lead times and costs. In combination with E2 Process Management, which identifies current and projected exceptions across the network using predictive analytics, E2 Rapid Resolutions performs single-sweep operations to measure the scope and impact of such disruptions.

In other words, E2 Rapid Resolutions is a product suite of simulation tools that enable enterprises to create, evaluate, and execute “what if” scenarios in real time. It is integrated with E2 Analytics, enabling enterprises to use both operational and financial data in their decision-making processes. E2 Rapid Resolutions supports multiple resolution workbenches, each of which includes a set of algorithms and workflows designed to solve specific business problems. Underlying algorithms calculate operational and financial tradeoffs and present resolution alternatives scored to user-defined, weighted priorities.

The solution can identify actual and predicted disruptions to determine the scope and impact and separate what is important from simple noise. E2 Rapid Resolutions then prescribes resolution options based on operational and financial priorities. Considerations include customer service levels, cost to serve, alternate sources of supply, and shipping mode/lane alternatives. Then, and this is important to note, E2open can directly execute the resolution, immediately, in-system.

The Gist of the Matter
E2 Rapid Resolutions stems from packaging up some custom "solver" solutions the vendor has done for its customers in the past. It is all about maturity and these packaged solutions are now called Demand/Supply Workbench and Replenishment Workbench. Price is based on scale of business activity on the supply and demand side depending on the application. Pricing scales according to spend or revenue in the scope of application.

E2open can now talk about real-time data and multi-tier processes, continuous cross-network monitoring, prescriptive analytics, and execution in one integrated collaborative platform. For other players in the market to enable this requires a multi-vendor solution and a system integrator (e.g., Kinaxis partnering with GT Nexus). To be fair, “execution” in E2open lingo means fast re-planning and not really supply chain execution (SCE) per se, which entails warehouse management and transportation management. E2open must partner for these capabilities, whereas SAP, JDA Software, or Oracle don’t.
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