EAI Vendor Active Software Activates Transactions

  • Written By: M. Reed
  • Published: June 1 2000

EAI Vendor Active Software Activates Transactions
M. Reed - June 1, 2000

Event Summary

Active Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASWX), a provider of enterprise application integration software products, today announced the ActiveWorks Application Transaction Coordinator (ATC) to ensure the transactional integrity of end-to end business processes.

A new component of the ActiveWorks Integration System, the ATC is said to provide guaranteed application-to-application transactional reliability and monitoring regardless of what different transaction models are used by each application. According to the company, "using Active Software's ATC, organizations can ensure that all business processes complete successfully, enabling customers to trust their most critical data to eBusiness integration." Active Software's ATC is already in use at multiple customer sites within the telecommunications, financial services, and high technology industries where transaction integrity is a critical issue.

"As a leading provider of Internet-based procurement systems, we have to be able to process hundreds of thousands of transactions very quickly while simultaneously ensuring that all transactions complete successfully across multiple application systems," said Rusty Frantz, vice president, engineering, Outpurchase.com. "Active Software's ATC guarantees that no critical data is lost, enabling us to reduce our risk and increase the speed of our online procurement solutions."

Active states "the ActiveWorks Integration System from Active Software automates end-to-end business processes both within the enterprise and with customers and business-to-business (B2B) trading partners across the Internet. With the ATC, organizations will be able to guarantee that each integration process completes successfully, providing end-to-end reliability between packaged applications both inside and outside the firewall. The ATC complements the guaranteed messaging provided by the ActiveWorks Information Broker by bridging independent applications' transaction systems that operate in isolation of transactions that extend beyond an individual application."

"Transactions are fundamental to eBusiness; however, in today's network economy, transactions typically involve a variety of different systems all working independently of each other," said Zack Urlocker, vice president, marketing, Active Software. "Until now, organizations that needed to ensure overall business process integrity were required to develop tremendous amounts of custom code to guarantee that these different systems were working together. Using Active Software's ATC, customers can now ensure complete end-to-end transactional integrity. This enables them to reap the benefits of a complete eBusiness infrastructure that can handle the complex, mission-critical transactions that often span multiple systems with complete confidence."

Market Impact

Active is making a huge claim as to the strength of this software. The components in the product include transactional integrity across applications, error notification, and log notification of business events. However, their claim of guaranteed transactional integrity across the business will be difficult to deliver. The fact that applications of this type typically span local area networks, wide area networks, routers and firewalls, makes "guaranteed transactional integrity" a serious challenge.

User Recommendations

A high level of custom programming is obviously going to be required to design the logical units of work that make up the individual transactions between systems. TEC strongly encourages customers to factor the cost of consulting into the total purchase price before signing the contract. Active states "product pricing starts at $15,000 and will vary with the size and complexity of customer projects." This statement leaves a lot of room for additional fees. In addition, reference sites should be sought to verify the quality of the software, and of the consulting provided.

The vendor should also be questioned as to whether they have experience in the particular vertical market the customer is interested in pursuing, since Active states that they currently only have experience in the telecommunications, financial services, and high technology verticals.

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