EAI Vendor CrossWorlds Eases Middleware Customization

  • Written By: M. Reed
  • Published: April 19 2000


Event Summary

CrossWorlds Software, an enterprise application integration vendor, has announced that it is now offering downloadable Java components to make it easier for customers to acquire components and utilities with specific functionality. The vendor will create a CrossWorlds Exchange site on a subscription basis, for $50,000 per year with additional fees for some components. The vendor's goal is to simplify development for customers and make their EAI solution more ubiquitous.

In addition, the vendor has announced that Ingersoll-Rand Corporation will use the CrossWorlds tool to connect their Oracle e-procurement and legacy applications. CrossWorlds' e-business infrastructure software will enable Ingersoll-Rand to integrate its Oracle applications, e-procurement, and legacy systems for its global shared-services processes, enterprise-wide and over the Internet to include their supply chain partners. The integration solution, which incorporates IBM's MQSeries, is intended to increase operating efficiency and decrease the total cost of ownership related to application interfaces.

Market Impact

CrossWorlds is attempting to increase their vertical penetration in the EAI market. This is a smart move that should give them greater penetration in the EAI space. The hardest part of enterprise application integration is the inevitable customization that is required by a specific customer to allow the divergent applications to communicate and realize benefits from the product. Any steps the vendors can take to reduce the requirement for customization will be a strong selling point in the market. The addition of a "component exchange" site, which eases customization efforts even further, is an additional selling point.

According to Vas Vasiliadis, vice president of corporate strategy, "What's in our consultant tool kit we're now making available on our Web site." Software vendors are often unwilling to do this, considering their consultant's hard-won experience (which results in the "tool kit"), to be a method of selling consulting. CrossWorlds' attempt to leverage this information proactively for the customer is likely to give them some good reference accounts and increased sales.

User Recommendations

Customers evaluating Enterprise Application Integration solutions should include CrossWorlds on their list of potential vendors. CrossWorlds is a strong privately held company, with funding led by Soros Private Equity Partners, and individual investors such as Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, Dave Duffield, CEO of PeopleSoft, John Luongo, CEO of Vantive, and John Chen, President of Sybase.

In addition, the Ingersoll-Rand solution that will be developed can likely be leveraged by other Oracle e-business customers to reduce the time required to get their EAI solution into production.

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