EAI Vendor Extricity Teams with Moai to Automate E-Commerce Systems

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EAI Vendor Extricity Teams with Moai to Automate E-Commerce Systems
M. Reed - May 11, 2000

Event Summary

In April Moai Technologies, Inc., a provider of negotiated e-commerce solutions, announced it has entered into a partnership with Extricity, Inc. to provide a single, complete interface, automating a full range of e-commerce systems. Extricity provides a family of business-to-business (B2B) software solutions, which are designed to simplify e-commerce automation and management. By integrating Moai's Dynamic Commerce Markup Language (DCML), an XML standard for Dynamic Commerce markets, with Extricity's B2B platform, net market makers and Global 2000 companies can better integrate e-commerce business processes.

Moai's DCML defines an open standard for auction and exchange transactions. Users can map their business process and objects into the exchange using the XML standard. Extricity provides integration, communications support, data exchange, and business process execution for Global 2000 companies and net market makers. It is designed to allow users to perform logistics management, inventory control, and order management in a rapid-deployment environment.

Extricity will support Moai's DCML, enabling Moai and Extricity customers to integrate their business processes into a LiveExchange auction or exchange site. DCML will provide a link to the dynamic commerce engine within LiveExchange, while Extricity will handle the execution of business processes before, after, or during a transaction. With this single, pre-integrated, seamless solution that delivers the full range of flexible, standards-based XML and other communications mechanisms, a successful integration of complex environments is possible.

"Successful integration of complex environments is an important step to seamless e-commerce practices among net market makers and Global 2000 companies," said Ray Letulle, chief technology officer at Moai. "By working together, Moai and Extricity will provide these companies and their customers with a unified solution for end-to-end integration, communications and negotiated e-commerce."

Market Impact

"Our goal is to provide our customers with the most complete and efficient B2B e-commerce solution possible," said Greg Olsen, chief technology officer at Extricity. "Moai's DCML provides improved and expanded access to negotiated e-commerce marketplaces and it facilitates the interconnection of separate marketplaces. By integrating with Moai's LiveExchange e-commerce solutions, we are increasing the capabilities and value we can offer to our customers."

Extricity is an Enterprise Application Integration vendor that specializes in a product called the AllianceSeries. The product performs supply chain integration, e-commerce supply-side integration, available to promise, and other business-to-business collaborative applications. It is based on the Extensible Markup Language (XML), an industry standard, which allows for collaborative workflow between applications.

There are no clear leaders in the EAI space, with the possible exception of Tibco, Mercator, and Vitria. Extricity is currently a privately held company and has not disclosed their revenues or market percentage; therefore it is difficult to say how strong their market presence is. Extricity Software is funded by SAP AG, Intel Corporation, Cambridge Technology Partners, Bay Partners, RRE Investors, B.J. Cassin Group, Piper Jaffray Ventures LLC, Telos Venture Partners, and Vector Capital L.P.

Their customers include Furniture.com, Rightfreight.com, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and AspenTech. Strategic partners include CommerceOne, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Intel, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Extricity was awarded the best Business-to-E-Commerce Application award by Intelligent Enterprise Magazine in August of 1999. Business-to-business e-commerce and extended supply chain management are expected to grow exponentially within the next three years and Extricity will undoubtedly have a strong presence, especially given the power of the companies who are backing them.

User Recommendations

Business-to-business e-commerce is expected to have a very strong effect on the success of businesses over the next three years. Any company evaluating extended supply chain solutions to reduce the overhead of materials acquisition and exchange should give the Extricity/Moai offering a look. Given that DCML uses the XML language and is designed to provide an open interface, it has an advantage over proprietary approaches. What DCML attempts to define is the "dynamic transaction set" relating to e-commerce exchanges.

Areas of concern customers should be aware of:

  • How mapping is accomplished when dealing with custom solutions or marketplaces

  • Scalability and costs associated with future changes to DCML

  • The level of acceptance in the e-commerce community for DCML

  • How many companies have embraced/endorsed DCML? Investigate. Does DCML create barriers to entry? Will customers be locked in once they begin to use it?


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