Eccentex and Virtusa Team Up for Cloud Case Management

Eccentex, a provider of dynamic case management (DCM) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions using the multitenant cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) AppBase, yesterday announced a partnership with global IT services company Virtusa Corporation. DCM, also known as adaptive case management, supports evolving knowledge worker needs and allows organizations to optimize case outcomes, improve customer services, and mitigate risk.

This is a major partnership endorsement for Eccentex, as the company continues to prove itself as a leader in the PaaS case management industry. Eccentex should gain not only the reach and scale of Virtusa but also the domain experience and repeatability of Virtusa’s vertical applications. This partnership also validates the market demand for cloud-based DCM solutions with quick implementation and customizable options.

How Could Virtusa Benefit?

Eccentex’s AppBase solution directly complements and augments Virtusa’s systems integration (SI) capabilities. Virtusa should maximize this partnership to leverage the Eccentex intellectual property and customize it to meet its customer’s unique needs, whether in IT consulting, application maintenance, development, integration, or managed service. The overall goal is to provide a quality PaaS product to the marketplace that will enable customers to simultaneously reduce their IT operations cost while increasing their ability to meet changing business needs. Eccentex’ platform should enable Virtusa to build a customizable application for its customers to provide a convenient and practical product that is capable of handling each customer’s unique DCM need.

Virtusa should benefit from the rapid time to market for DCM applications thanks to Eccentex' cloud approach with AppTemplates (industry best practices) and the AppBase PaaS. The firm has even extended the engagement to several cloud offerings that are already available on Eccentex AppLibrary to offer specific off-the-shelf case management applications.

Virtusa has maintained classic client-server development relationships with well-established business process management (BPM) vendors (e.g., IBM, Oracle, Pegasystems, etc.) and will continue to do so. Virtusa typically works with Fortune 50 accounts because of its historical relationships. The new partnership with Eccentex opens a new mid-market for Virtusa’s business and solutions to expand into.
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