Echo360 Introduces Student Analytics

echo360.jpgThe campus and distance learning solutions vendor Echo360 Active Learning released a new application that provides analytics for student activity before, during, and after class. The tool is able to output summaries that represent individual students' participation and areas where he/she is encountering difficulties. In addition, it measures student engagement in and out of class.

The solution includes a variety of indicators which reveal problematic areas at both the individual and collective level as students develop from one class to the next. The new analytics tool can be paired with Echo360’s LectureTools, which allows instructors to launch in-class quizzes to assess student engagement and understanding. Overall class results are displayed to students while professors can view individually identified responses as well. After each class, instructors receive a daily “report card” of in-class activities.

Student Analytics not only takes into account in-class participation on polls, quizzes, and note taking, but also video heat maps, bookmark reporting and discussion topics, presentation view counts and completion rates, and general consumption trends. This allows instructors to guide students individually or as a group throughout their learning journeys.

Personalized learning is indeed a popular requirement among students—who are, in fact, paying clients to the educational institutions that they attend. Analytics that focus on student activity and reveal the learning habits of students are desperately needed in education—especially by instructors who intend to stay relevant.
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