Efinity Offers B2B Clients WAP Access to Supply-Web Site

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Efinity Offers B2B Clients WAP Access to Supply-Web Site
P. Hayes - July 27, 2000

Event Summary

Efinity Inc. (www.efinity.com), the leading provider of SWiM (Supply-Web information Management) solutions, announced the release of the latest version of their Internet-hosted application.

Market Impact

Efinity's release 2.5 allows WAP access (Wireless Application Protocol) maximizing remote access functionality. Due to the nature of the application, a user's only requirement is either a WAP enabled phone or a computer with a browser and Internet connection. Efinity is attempting to simplify access to applications through enhancing remote access through WAP and enhancing browser access, which requires no action on the end-user's side to run the latest version or software. Not only is this pleasant for the end user but it also reduces overhead for internal and external support personnel.

User Recommendations

This is another example of how the Wild Wild WAP is impacting our daily lives. WAP is no longer just for e-mail and stock prices. More and more companies are providing wireless access, refined for business use, for such utilitarian purposes as corporate database access.

Those companies who lag behind and take few or no steps towards wireless access will most certainly experience severe difficulties within the next three years. Prior to the end of 2003 we expect close to 1 Billion wireless access phone users globally (Probability 75%), simply put, that's a lot of people. Companies must be prepared for the rapid onslaught of wireless demand, as is Efinity.

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