Enlightened Self-interest Launches CRM Information Source

  • Written By: D. Geller
  • Published: May 3 2000

Enlightened Self-interest Launches CRM Information Source
D. Geller - May 3, 2000

Event Summary

Peppers and Rogers Group, an internationally known consulting group that specializes in 1-to-1 marketing, announced that it has joined with Net Perceptions (NASDAQ: NETP) to launch a series of conferences and publications on personalization tools, techniques, and tactics. Net Perceptions is a leading vendor of software that is used to track and analyze customer behaviors and to create personalized experiences based on both individual and aggregate patterns.

One publication has already been announced, with topics tentatively including ROI analysis for personalization, vendors, and getting management buy-in for personalization initiatives. This publication, 1to1 Personalization, is scheduled to begin publishing in November of 2000.

Market Impact

This announcement underscores the growing importance and strength of the personalization market. As B2C commerce heats up, companies are finding that the first sale to a customer might entail a net loss of $50 or higher when the advertising and promotions needed to attract that customer are taken into account. Reducing the cost of acquiring customers and turning visitors into loyal repeat customers is now recognized as being of paramount importance for any retail web site.

User Recommendations

We believe that any B2C website that does not have CRM and personalization in its strategic plan should start looking for the nearest exit ramp from the information highway.

Peppers and Rogers Group has the ability to bring to the table industry leaders to philosophize and discuss trends, and to have them joined by users of various products who can discuss real-world experiences. The publications from this venture are likely to be an excellent source of information in an area where it's almost impossible to learn too much.

B2B websites will also find it valuable to pay attention to this area. While there are of course differences in approach, B2B sites often interact with real people who will respond to excellent service and targeted offerings.

It would be natural to wonder whether the backing of Net Perceptions is likely to slant the coverage in some way. The Publisher for 1to1 Personalization, Karen Burka of Peppers and Rogers, guaranteed that the editorial coverage would be entirely free of influence by Net Perceptions. "Net Perceptions has an excellent record in 'coopetition,'" she said. "They created the Personalization Summit, to which they invite all of their competitors." Indeed, customers at vendor booths in the Personalization 2000 Summit in Boston were heard discussing their appreciation of Net Perception's sponsorship of the three-day event.

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