Ensim to Host HP OpenMail as an ASP

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Ensim to Host HP OpenMail as an ASP
P. Hayes - August 28, 2000

Event Summary

Ensim Corporation, the leading provider of application hosting infrastructure products, announced the availability of HP's OpenMail on Ensim AppXchange. This agreement delivers hosted, affordable enterprise-class messaging and collaboration to small and medium businesses. It enables service providers to deliver capabilities beyond simple Internet e-mail and to eliminate the complexities associated with managing hosted messaging.

Market Impact

In the rush to achieve an application hosting messaging service, HP's OpenMail has been largely overlooked until now. The majority of messaging ASPs focus primarily on a UNIX based POP3 service, or from a collaborative perspective, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. HP OpenMail has a global install base of approximately 15 Million mailboxes, compared to a 50 Million-seat install base for Lotus Notes and the same for Microsoft Exchange. Novell's GroupWise, much like OpenMail is struggling to retain its client install base, which has dropped to 20 Million seats.

We do not envision a large market for OpenMail outsourcing. By becoming a 'niche' player within the OpenMail messaging market Ensim may very well achieve moderate success, but nothing compared to the potential success of hosting either Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange (or both). While OpenMail isn't going away anytime in the near future, its sales are slow and more clients continue to migrate to Exchange and Notes, further decreasing HP's existing messaging install base.

User Recommendations

For most companies one of the most troubling aspects of maintaining an HP OpenMail system is the lack of available and experienced messaging engineers. Even if a company is lucky enough to find an individual with the correct skill set, chances are the individual's salary requirements are sky-high, or, as is often the case, the individual is 'scooped-up' before an offer can even be made. OpenMail is not known for being a low-maintenance system, which translates to an IT headache. If your organization utilizes HP OpenMail, and you are considering outsourcing, take a look at Ensim.

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