Enter IFS RCM Toolkit for Reliability-Centered Maintenance in the Cloud

In a flurry of product announcements at the IFS World Conference 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden, last week, IFS announced the launch of it reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) toolkit. Based on IFS’ long experience and heritage in asset-intensive industries, the solution is optimized for any industry that implements complex or capital-intensive assets and is delivered through a flexible cloud-based model. The IFS RCM Toolkit aims to deliver maximum operational availability with safe but optimal levels of maintenance. It is targeted at any industry that implements complex or capital-intensive assets or is reliant on correctly functioning assets to provide an output. Typically, these will be complex safety-critical assets. The RCM solution seems well suited for organizations in which maintenance is challenged by harsh environmental factors for humans.

The solution provides a justifiable, methodical, and scientific approach to establishing safe optimum levels of maintenance that support establishing capital maintenance regimes, strategies, and plans. The idea is to ensure that safety, environmental, and operational failures are minimized and unnecessary maintenance reduced, while focusing scarce economic resources on those items that would cause the most disruption if they were to fail. In other words, RCM applies a lean management philosophy to enterprise asset maintenance (EAM).


IFS customers will likely use the RCM Toolkit to improve its preventative and predictive maintenance practices and procedures to secure asset safety, cost effectiveness, uptime, and a greater understanding of potential risks. The kit delivers core RCM process support capability using the latest presentation technology and conforms to SAE standard JA1011, “Evaluation Criteria for RCM Processes.” The toolkit is available with the IFS Cloud in line with the vendor’s strategy to enable customers to extend the capabilities of on-premises IFS Applications suite with apps in the public cloud (powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud).

In conclusion, IFS joins the very few ERP and EAM vendors that also have RCM capabilities (as well as sustainability capabilities). Infor comes to mind as an ERP provider with best-of-breed EAM and RCM capabilities, while many other peers have to resort to leveraging RCM capabilities by Ivara or Meridium.

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