Entrada Brings New MOTIVAtion to Market

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Entrada Brings New MOTIVAtion to Market
S. McVey - June 29, 2001

Event Summary

Since acquiring Motiva Software's product line in April, Entrada Software has been busy crafting a new product strategy and renewing ties with former Motiva customers. Entrada makes Kinnosa, an application that helps complex discrete product manufacturers maintain the history of a part through every phase of its manufacture: design, prototype, procurement, build, test, inventory and defect tracking. Motiva marketed e-Change, an electronic document management (EDM) tool designed for use with graphics software like AutoCAD. The product fit is a natural one that allows Entrada to offer a greater complement of applications for the complex discrete manufacturing industry.

Market Impact

Entrada has announced significant steps toward restoring user confidence in Motiva's e-Change and other products. Shortly after the acquisition, Entrada dedicated a portion of its engineers and business consultants to providing technical support and upgrades for Motiva customers. More recently, the company extended its technical assistance program to the e-Change products, giving reassurance to customers like Transistor Devices that might have been orphaned had not Entrada arrived to rescue the foundering Motiva.

Entrada's efforts to revive Motiva should not surprise long-time enterprise application market observers. The same forces that drive ERP and SCM to consolidate are at work in peripheral markets like EDM and product lifecycle management. In combining Kinnosa with e-Change, Entrada hopes to capture not just information relevant to a product's manufacture, but all additional circumstances, contents, and events surrounding it as well.

Entrada's move has brought it into the arena with vendors like Meridien, Documentum, SmarTeam, and FileNet but the product-centric information tracking capabilities in Kinnosa give it a competitive edge in the short term. In addition, e-Change's document management capabilities make Entrada more attractive to potential ERP and SCM vendor partners.

User Recommendations

Motiva users should no longer worry about the future of their e-Change installations. Entrada is demonstrating strong commitment to Motiva's product line and substantial customer base that includes Ford, Pacific Gas & Electric, Bombardier, Georgia Pacific and Culligan among 200 others.

Further proof of its commitment should appear as early as the third quarter this year when Entrada expects to release a version that fixes many deficiencies identified previously by Motiva customers and support personnel. An upgrade to Windows 2000 with new CAD connectors is planned for the fourth quarter.

Kinnosa users can obtain the Motiva product now from Entrada but will be able to select an integrated package that includes Motiva as an EDM component of Kinnosa in the second quarter of 2002.

In addition to Windows and Unix-based platforms, Entrada is eager to develop Linux versions of its suite but admits that sufficient market interest in Linux is still some quarters away.

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