Epicor Climbing Further into the ERP Cloud

Epicor’s offering of a true multi-tenant cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system isn’t that new. As a matter of fact, the entry level Epicor ERP Express Edition for the lower end of the market has been generally available (GA) since 2010. The edition has thus far won about 200 customers—job shops and small manufacturers and distributors. Still, the “cloud ERP” and “software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP” monikers have more often been associated with NetSuite, Plex Online, and SAP Business ByDesign.

In early September 2012, Epicor further expanded its cloud reach, announcing that now midmarket manufacturers, distributors, and service organizations have Epicor ERP available in a multi-tenant SaaS deployment model as well. The newly announced Epicor ERP Standard Edition has the same code base as the Express edition (and all other Epicor ERP editions for that matter).

This announcement is the next step in Epicor’s roll-out of multi-tenant SaaS ERP, which the vendor has previously outlined in analyst briefings at its conferences. The cloud delivery model was first made available for the Express Edition, with the idea to deliver editions for larger organizations over time. Figure 1 below depicts the deployment models offered to Epicor ERP customers; this announcement covers customers that fit the Standard Edition (highlighted in yellow).

Figure 1. Epicor ERP Editions and Deployment Options

The 2,000-plus current Epicor ERP customers are for all editions and deployment models, although most would be using the on-premise Enterprise edition.

We will have to stay tuned for when the Enterprise and Advanced editions will become fully multi-tenant SaaS. While I expect the target customers for the Standard edition to be brand new small-to-medium (SMB) companies, perhaps the vendor will also target some existing Epicor legacy customers for migration.

Figure 2.

Epicor ERP was developed on a multi-tenant service-oriented architecture (SOA), and this foundation enables the offering to be deployed as multi-tenant SaaS, single-tenant (hosted), and on-premise. At this stage, Epicor ERP is a truly unique offering with regard to customers being able to select the edition and deployment model that works best for them and as their business evolves. The formidable competitors do not currently have these deployment choices on the same product code base.

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