Epicor Gaining MES Momentum

The recent Epicor Insights 2013 conference highlighted how the 2012 Solarsoft acquisition strengthens Epicor’s presence in the lumber and building materials, wholesale distribution, print and packaging, and automotive sectors. In addition, Solarsoft gives Epicor new presence in process manufacturing (i.e., food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, mills, metals, and chemicals), whereas Epicor has traditionally focused on discrete manufacturing.

One byproduct of Solarsoft’s acquisition was Epicor Mattec, a standalone manufacturing execution system (MES), for which there reportedly is growing customer demand among manufacturing organizations worldwide. The product is also creating new opportunities for Epicor as an integrated solution with its next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Epicor ERP (a.k.a., Epicor 9).

Customers that have lately selected Epicor Mattec MES alongside Epicor ERP include IMCO Carbide Tool Inc., Thermotech, Inc., Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc., and Mayco International. A touted strength of Epicor Mattec is its ability to work in harmony with Epicor ERP to help customers drive "top-to-shop" business and manufacturing efficiencies. Epicor Mattec feeds data to Epicor ERP to create a single real-time version of the truth to enable everyone throughout the business to know what's going on at all times.

Epicor Mattec provides capabilities to measure, monitor, and optimize production and manufacturing operations through real-time data collection, analysis, and performance tracking, for a single facility or across a globally distributed enterprise. Customers are thus able to reduce scrap, waste, and machine downtime; improve cycle times, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), plant productivity, and automatic part qualification; and schedule production effectively.

Epicor Mattec is 30 years old this year, and its customer base is approaching 1,000 companies globally, with many of those customers running the product in multiple plants. It runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2010 with Microsoft SQL Server 2010 as database. Epicor supports older versions of both technologies. Epicor Mattec is a standalone MES system that can integrate with any Epicor ERP solution.

In fact, it can integrate with any other ERP system as well. ERP systems have many data fields, as does the MES system. In addition, every business has different analytics needs. In that context, integration is a matter of identifying which analysis results the ERP users need, and what data from the ERP the MES users need.
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