Epicor HCM Going Mobile and More International

The human capital management (HCM) space is apparently becoming attractive and important to even upper mid-market vendors that have traditionally focused on manufacturing and distribution, and have mainly partnered for HCM capabilities. After Infor’s recent acquisition of Certpoint Systems for learning management (to add to its HCM portfolio that came from the merger with Lawson Software), Epicor announced general availability of its latest Epicor HCM version 5.7.1.

Stemming from the 2010 acquisition of Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corporation, Epicor HCM is a human resource information system (HRIS) that automates HR processes and enables companies to track, manage, and analyze employee data throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Epicor HCM currently covers the realms of recruiting, onboarding, learning & development, goals & objectives, and performance management.

Mobile HCM
HCM Mobile Connect provides access to users for daily tasks via Apple iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. The mobile functionality comes from an mPortal site that runs on the browsers for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. With no particular application installation required, users can easily login through a device's web browser to prevent companies from needing to support various versions of device applications. Employees can simply bookmark the URL in the web browser to provide direct entry for the login page.

HCM Mobile Connect is offered on-demand through a software as a service (SaaS) subscription, hosted, or on-premise license. The new mobile features include the following:

  • Managers have the ability to respond to time-off requests or balances, approve any workflow routes, manage contacts, and take any action that needs approval.

  • Employees can access pertinent insurance data, update their personal information, submit time-off or leave of absence information, and click-to-call while searching the company directory.

  • Everyone can create and update their To-Do lists on-the-go.

Increasing Global Framework Support
The new country-specific functionality profile provides unique functionality based on a user's location. The latest enhancements allow users to:

  • modify fields and labels based on employee location;

  • configure the system to show or hide certain menu items and specific codes in select lists; and

  • run standard reports that can be labeled to country specific functionality.

Location-specific home pages help deliver a blend of relevant communication and corporate standards at each site. Further, the version 5.7.1 release features a specific country profile for Canada. The features include employee data fields and select regulatory reports, including the Employment Equity Act (EEA) Report.

The latest version of Epicor HCM is available as an integral part of Epicor’s flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite, Epicor 9 or Epicor ERP, as well as an independent standalone HCM solution. Epicor HCM is supported on Microsoft SQL Server 2012, leveraging those system environments to take advantage of the latest server technologies. Available through an on-demand SaaS, hosted, or on-premise license, the product can be deployed according to organization requirements without compromising functionality.

Epicor has approximately 425 HCM customers with companies ranging in size from 100 employees to 140,000 employees in various industries. One should imagine lots of “arable land” in Epicor’s vast install ERP base, including former Activant and Solarsoft customers.
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