Epicor Software Acquires Solarsoft Business Systems

It's only last year that Epicor and Activant were merged, and now there's more big news from the company. Today Epicor announced its acquisition of Solarsoft Business Systems, a developer of ERP and manufacturing execution system (MES) software for small and medium businesses. Solarsoft's two major ERP products, iVP and Tropos, cater to discrete and mixed-mode manufacturers of that market segment. While iVP is mainly focused on discrete-type customers with a strong need for electronic data interchange (EDI) functionality and offers relatively easy transformation for legacy IBM-based systems, Tropos is more process manufacturing–oriented and includes many features that allow customers to comply with US FDA requirements.

Solarsoft also offers a variety of optional applications to support processes that are not part of the core functionality of ERP software but may still be required by process, discrete, or mixed-mode manufacturers. Some examples of additional functionality are EDI, distribution management, warehouse management, manufacturing execution system, Web applications, and Informance enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI).

It will be interesting to see how Epicor will leverage the technologies that became available. Epicor will probably try to enhance its current process manufacturing–oriented offerings.

Since both Epicor ERP and two Solarsoft products— iVP and Tropos ERP—were recently certified by TEC, you can download detailed reports and get your own measure of the deal.

TEC Certification Reports
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