Europe's Mobile 'ONE' Selects InfoSpace for New Wireless Internet Services

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Europe's Mobile 'ONE' Selects InfoSpace for New Wireless Internet Services
P. Hayes - May 2nd, 2000

Event Summary

In April InfoSpace (Nasdaq: INSP - news), a leading global provider of information and commerce infrastructure services for wireless devices, merchants and Web sites, and ONE, Austria's only full-service telecoms provider (mobile, fixed, and internet), announced that ONE has chosen InfoSpace's comprehensive platform of commerce, information and communication services for the delivery of its new mobile Internet services to its close to 700,000 customers over both short messaging service (SMS) and wireless application protocol (WAP). (Source: PRNewswire)

Market Impact

One of Europe's fastest growing wireless providers, ONE, based in Austria has teamed up with U.S. based InfoSpace to provide an enhanced array of wireless Internet services to ONE's client base. ONE users will be able to access information via a personalized web page coupled with password authentication. Once a user has logged onto his/her home page he/she will be able to gain instant access to Calendaring, Address Books, Instant Messaging, and access to user specific account information. ONE users will also be able to access the same information from their Internet connected laptop or desktop.

The new service was launched on April 10th and will attract additional wireless clients to ONE's rapidly growing user base. InfoSpace is making headway with wireless services into the European market, which is approximately a year or two ahead of the U.S. market. Due to InfoSpace's ease of configuration and integration into existing systems we expect to see more European and Asian market sales and agreements in the near future (Probability 85%).

User Recommendations

The service is another plus for Austrian wireless users. The service will appeal to both personal and business usage due to its versatility of access and wide array of utilities. InfoSpace is one of the leaders in Internet infrastructure and we expect the combination of cellular WAP and SMS services will continue to work seamlessly for ONE.

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