Every Angle for SAP: A Product Note

One of the biggest challenges when working with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is trying to analyze data. An ERP system can generate hundreds or even thousands of transactions in a very short period of time. An ERP data analysis requires handling enormous amounts of information, not to mention understanding its complex data structures. This can be a major issue if you want to gain operational, strategic, and tactical control of the organization.



Figure 1.Every Angle provides everyday SAP users with the ability to analyze thousands of SAP fields quickly, easily, and without programming.


Traditionally, accessing and analyzing this data involves using a set of tools: business intelligence (BI) systems and/or data warehouse systems. But using these tools can be challenging when it comes to interpreting complex database structures and moving numerous data items generated by an ERP system to the data warehouse in order to prepare data to be used for analytical purposes.


Product Background


Every Angle was developed by Every Angle Software Solutions BV. This product is an add-on for SAP and enables the production of high value business content taken directly from the SAP database and based on the use of specific algorithms.



Figure 2. Angles are created using an easy four-step wizard. All values, including native SAP fields are fully documented and explained right on the screen.


Every Angle Software Solutions BV began in 1996, with the idea of working with the existing data in the SAP database. Every Angle does this by extracting and analyzing SAPs large and complex data structures to deliver fast analysis results and fast access to SAP database information. Every Angle names these data sets as “Angles”.


Every Angle Software Solutions BV developed a technology called Live Objects to enable the analysis of very large and complex data sets of SAP’s orders during a very short period of time. It has also developed a strong knowledge of the SAP business logic. This knowledge enabled the Every Angle team to develop a tool that analyzes the SAP data from very different perspectives. According to Every Angle they “have developed an advanced system that offers valuable functionality to SAP organizations and SAP users worldwide.”


The Every Angle SAP add-on is meant to improve the performance of a typical SAP implementation. It can be used with all SAP BI solutions and/or other BI tools to leverage valuable analysis to the business user. Every Angle takes full advantage of an SAP deployment but performs under its own independent framework. By doing so, it doesn´t represent a burden to the SAP deployment.


Product Strategy and Trajectory


Since its inception, Every Angle Software Solutions BV has been working for the European SAP market for ten years and has gained a wealthy reputation. Clients like Continental, Railpro, HunterDouglas, and ABB are part of its wide range of customers. Currently Every Angle BV is focusing on increasing their presence in the SAP installed-based market in North America.


Since there is a natural link with SAP, Every Angle can be deployed over all SAP deployments, and can reach a number of industries ranging from aerospace and defense, metal products, pharmaceuticals to telecommunications.



Figure 3.  Angles automatically return many logical fields into the display area. Additional fields can be added with a simple drag-and-drop, and removed or repositioned with a drag-and-release.


Recently, TEC had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Mark Knowles, vice president (VP) of Sales and Marketing of Enterprise Management Consulting Services Inc. (exclusive resellers of Every Angle for North America). This is part of what Mr. Knowles mentioned:


“Every Angle is the best kept secret in the SAP world! It is an SAP productivity tool that lies on top of SAP R3 and/or ECC products. It provides a compliment to what BI tools provide. Most BI tools provide an aggregated view of events that happened in the past, while Every Angle provides a bottoms-up or detailed view of events that are happening right now, or in the future. Every Angle has been in development for 13 years, it’s been in the market for ten years. We are SAP certified. And just recently the SAP BO team in the Netherland’s formed an external partnership with the Every Angle team in the Netherlands”.


“Every Angle is to SAP like Google is to research. I couldn’t imagine researching a product these days without using Google as a first step. We want all people in corporations that use SAP who want to know something about a customer or about a sale to use Every Angle.”


Product Strengths


It is hard to define Every Angle as a standard BI system. The Live Objects in Memory technology embedded in Every Angle enables the use of the available data from SAP to be used as a data cube for analysis purposes but it certainly could not fit under the set of traditional BI tools. Every Angle could be more suitable to track the operational process of an organization.


The Every Angle add-on resides between SAP and its business users. In this position, Every Angle makes use of its Live Objects in Memory technology to extract information directly from the SAP ERP system and use it to produce analysis sets of data (Angles). These Angles can be used for analysis and execution to solve operation issues and can also be used with data warehousing and BI tools to produce high valuable analysis data.


Here are some advantages of Every Angle:


  • It’s a solution specially designed for SAP and the add-on fits completely under the ERP structure in a transparent way.
  •  It can use pre-existing data relations of an ERP system or build data relations that don’t exist physically in the SAP structure.
  •  It has a pre-established set of Angles that can be used right out of the box
  •  It can be used with other BI tools to improve analysis.
  •  It’s easy for non-technical people to use.
  • Calculations are performed offline. Every Angle does not overburden the SAP platform.




Due to its specific nature, Every Angle seems to have no direct competition neither in the ERP or BI field. But challenges could come from specific data warehouses appliances like Vertica, Neteeza, and in-house data warehouse appliances from SAP, Oracle and IBM. Also, because Every Angle is designed primarily for operations, there is some BI functionality not covered by Every Angle. This could also be challenging for Every Angle when turning to the North American market, where robust solutions for big data analysis and BI are already strong in the market. Every Angle could be entering and confronting fierce competition in the “big data vendors” market.


Despite these challenges, Every Angle can offer interesting features to gain powerful analysis functionality when using an SAP system. Every Angle can be an excellent tool for controlling daily operation and is an excellent companion for more common traditional BI tools. Every Angle empowers users by letting them gain more flexible, fast, and powerful data access.


In February 2010, Every Angle will be releasing their Every Angle 2010 Service Pack 1.


Some of the new features include


  •  usability enhancements;
  •  capability to work with double-byte characters; and
  • enhanced capabilities to work with the SAP BSEG table.


For more information, visit the product’s page.




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