Extreme Networks BlackDiamond Product of the Year

  • Written By: G. Duhaime
  • Published: May 25 2000

Extreme Networks BlackDiamond Product of the Year
G. Duhaime -May 25, 2000

Event Summary

Every year Network Magazine examines all of the network products and rates them to determine best of breed in their area of expertise. The Extreme Networks (NASDAQ:EXTR) BlackDiamond 6800 Enterprise Backbone Device not only outperforms its competition, but also incorporates features previously found only in firewalls and load balancers.

Layer 3 Ethernet switching is no longer a wish list item for network managers it's a reality. Extreme Networks has not only set the standard for Layer 3 switching with its robust feature set, but also has extended its QoS feature set into Layer 4.

Market Impact

The BlackDiamond 6800 series of Enterprise switches has made a major impact on the well-established and mainstream switch providers. Extreme at one point was looked upon as an outsider with no chance to survive. Now they are the leading manufacturer in Ethernet switching. This award is just the icing on the cake for Extreme Networks.

Extreme Networks has raised the bar on all of the switching vendors by not only offering the basic features found in a layer 3 device, but also including a feature packed device that incorporates functions generally found in additional external devices. These additional features are all incorporated under an extremely powerful piece of software called ExtremeWare. ExtremeWare software suite allows network managers to prioritize traffic based on application or available bandwidth, in essence returning network control back to the network manager.

User Recommendations

Extreme Networks sold more Layer 3 ports last year than any other vendor. This is not a reason to buy a product from any one vendor, but you do have a reason when you include the total functionality associated with this switch compared to any other switch on the market. With the combination of wire-speed routing and a software suite that shares the same architecture across the entire Extreme Network product line, one can make the most complex network simple and scaleable.

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