FPX Delivers a Turnkey CPQ Product for salesforce.com SMB Users

FPX, a pioneer in cloud-based configure, price, quote (CPQ) software solutions (formerly called Firepond), has announced Firepond by FPX, a new product line with an astute approach to implementation to help companies improve sales effectiveness and overall business performance. The small to medium business (SMB) solution will be formally released at salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 2013 conference.

Firepond by FPX introduces a new paradigm—a turnkey solution that combines FPX’s full-fledged CPQ application (i.e., not a “dumbed-down” or “lite” version) with a full-service implementation program enabling customers to go into production within two weeks. Until now, companies looking to improve complex quote and order processes had to rely on complex CPQ applications and implementations that took months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement.

In contrast, Firepond by FPX is based on FPX’s flagship CPQ OnDemand application bundled with preconfigured templates based on FPX’s three decades of CPQ industry best practices. Firepond by FPX offers two levels of subscription.

Cutting Time and Materials Items

Leveraging its long experience in the market, FPX starts by creating a “readiness guide for clients” for their product and pricing data sets. This guide acts as a roadmap for the clients, and then the vendor can schedule the client for implementation. Usually, CPQ vendors conduct that stage as a billable engagement for “requirements gathering” or “requirements definition,” which normally takes weeks to complete.

To make a CPQ application work, one has to marry product and pricing data sets with business rules, options, and attributes. FPX has prebuilt all that, a modeling process that most vendors charge for on a time-and-materials basis. Using prebuilt models and templates in the bundled solution, FPX should be able to both lower service delivery costs and reduce the time to deliver for production.

In addition, Firepond by FPX has a data and rules maintenance module that enables clients to update, modify, or add new product and pricing information into their CPQ system. Many others systems require the vendor to make complex changes of this type, and vendors will bill for it. Firepond handles your changes like TurboTax handles your tax data changes.

The bottom line is that with Firepond by FPX, the vendor has packaged all its best practices in a box, licensed it, and delivered it as a service delivery project, rather than as an uncertain and open-ended traditional software implementation with huge time and materials costs.
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