Fast Growing Malaysian Manufacturing Company Chooses Epicor ERP

epicor1.jpgThe company is called Feruni Ceramiche and it's in the business of manufacturing and distributing ceramic and porcelain tiles across the globe. Although it started as an outsourcing facility 11 years ago, it is now a leading supplier of ceramic products in many of the world's markets and a participant in multiple construction projects around the world.

The company has demonstrated double-digit growth year over year, and currently operates six manufacturing and distribution sites. No wonder that this quickly evolving business required a modern and adequate ERP software package to support the company's existing and future needs.

What grabbed my attention is how seriously and carefully the company's management attacked the software selection problem. First, Feruni Ceramiche established a selection committee that defined a precise strategy for how software should be selected in a way that maintains objectivity and finds the best-fit solution. What is especially important, the committee was created at the highest level of the company's management, so Gidget Lim, director and general manager of operations, was directly involved in the selection process. Lim says, "We spoke with customers from all the shortlisted vendors and looked at their setup. We visited the offices of the vendors themselves and looked at their customer support operations. An evaluation committee selected Epicor based on a rating system which measured usability, integration, customization capabilities, analytics and business intelligence, and flexibility. Epicor scored a very high rating with the selection committee."

To me, this summarizes the proper way of conducting a software selection project. The process even included a specially designed rating system to evaluate different software packages. This model is quite similar to the approach that TEC has been supporting for years and that has been proven many times over. All that remains is for the Epicor ERP package to be properly prepared and implemented. Considering the thoroughness of the selection process, I have little doubt that the implementation will also be successful.

Find out more about Epicor ERP on TEC’s product overview page and compare it against its competitors.
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