Fenestrae Offers WAP Support for Mobile Data Server

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Fenestrae Offers WAP Support for Mobile Data Server
P. Hayes - July 6, 2000

Event Summary

Singapore - Fenestrae has announced the Fenestrae® Mobile Data Server™ with extensive WAP functionality. The Fenestrae Mobile Data Server version 2.0 enables professionals to use their WAP phones to access any information in Microsoft® Exchange/Outlook (inbox, calendar, contacts), databases, and Intranet.

Market Impact

Fenestrae's Mobile Data server has been given a wireless face-lift with the addition of Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) support. Mobile Data Server 2.0 (MDS) allows access via WAP to a company's Intranet, Microsoft Back Office databases, such as SQL Server in addition to Microsoft Exchange Integration for messaging. Users can access designated data via a WAP or GSM based phone or device, extending the mobility of existing Fenestrae MDS clients.

MDS offers native integration into Microsoft Back Office, so if you are a Unix, Linux, or Novell house, Fenestrae will not be of much use. However, given the worldwide proliferation of Microsoft Back Office running on Intel based servers we expect Asian and European markets to benefit from Fenestrae's approach. The United States is approximately one to two years behind the Asian and European markets from a Wireless Access standpoint.

User Recommendations

If Fenestrae can effectively market MDS 2.0 through its European and Asian markets over the next year, we expect explosive growth in the years following as the US catches up to International Wireless abilities. The demand for back office integration capabilities for wireless users in the United States is already strong, unfortunately the technology is not in place. We expect that Fenestrae will make its presence felt within the US without wires, in the next 12 - 18 months.

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