FileNet Enhances Panagon Web Publisher with XML

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: January 12 2000

Event Summary

FileNET Corporation (Nasdaq: FILE) today announced its new Panagon Web Publisher TM 4.0 software, which provides new XML language and incremental publishing capabilities for enhanced content management support of Web-based information portals. (Source: FileNet).

Market Impact

The Panagon web publisher application automates the conversion of native application documents into web-based publications. The result is a web document, which is fully linked to XML and HTML tags. One of the key benefits to Panagon Web Publisher (PWP) is the template driven interface. Publishing documents which have been created in an off the cuff manner generally create an inconsistent look and feel. The Panagon Web Publisher contains abstraction capabilities that provide intelligent document analysis and mapping, which allows all published documents to maintain a consistent look and style. The PWP also allows for integration with Adobe PDF files and authoring applications contained in Microsoft Office 2000 and Lotus SmartSuite. The Panagon Web Publisher is currently available in its base version for $19,500 (USD) and for a fully enterprise ready, client-server Web Publisher / Management starts at $85,000 (USD).

User Recommendations

The PWP product is in use by the United States Postal Service, Bank of America and Tandy Corporation to name a few. This product is not designed for smaller sized companies looking to manage a 100 page web site. The product is designed to support a team of web developers and publishers who create documents which must all maintain the same look and feel. The Enterprise version will support and manage thousands of web pages, while maintaining visual consistency. One of PWP's limiting factors is its high price tag, which is made more expensive when coupled with FileNET's 18% per year service contract. Unless your organization has a website growing out of control and there is plentiful funding dedicated to web publishing and management, this product can wait.

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