Financial Fusion ~ E-Finance Wireless Leader?

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: April 6 2000


Event Summary

WESTPORT, Conn., /PRNewswire/ -- Confirming its commitment to lead the e-finance marketplace into the rapidly emerging wireless marketplace, Financial Fusion, Inc. announced the formation of its new Web and Wireless Division along with the launch of its patent-pending Total Wireless product family - available for immediate implementation.

Financial Fusion's focus on wireless technology will allow financial institutions to provide consumers and small businesses with seamless access to important financial information. Consumers can conduct time-sensitive financial transactions such as funds transfer, bill payment, and stock trading on a wide range of popular wireless devices including Palm Pilots and other web-enabled PDAs, cell phones, and pagers. In addition, Total Wireless delivers personalized stock portfolios, one-to-one messages, news, weather, and e-commerce features. (Source: Financial Fusion)

Market Impact

Financial Fusion has formed a wireless branch of their operation to provide financial organizations, such as Old Kent, with full wireless connectivity for their clients. While Old Kent and Financial Fusion are not the first to offer wireless e-finance, the venture represents yet another step forward to the wireless age.

Financial Fusion offers a pre-packaged wireless solution aimed directly at e-finance. The package will allow a financial institution's clients access to day to day banking transactions, as well as to stock trading, quotes, sports, news and weather. The advent of wireless in the e-finance arena gives the client control. From this point forward a client can bank anytime, anywhere, without limitation. (Of course your cell phone will not suddenly start spurting out cash.)

The wireless offering will utilize existing physical wireless technology from Palm Pilot (Palm VII PDA), Nokia, Motorola, Qualcomm, and Ericsonn Wireless Access Phones (WAP). Financial organizations such as Fidelity Investments have also offered wireless access via a two-way Research In Motion Pager and the Palm VII PDA, so what makes Financial Fusion's offering unique? Simply because Financial Fusion's Stage III Architecture is based on java objects, eliminating the need to re-code HTML pages for wireless devices.

In addition, Financial Fusion's product is entirely removed from the user interface, regardless of whether the user has a PDA or a WAP, code can be written once and used across all devices without modification. Due to Financial Fusion's Java technology, the Stage III Architecture auto-detects the type of wireless device a client is using and serves multiple wireless interfaces concurrently. Wireless Interfaces include the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), Palm Query Applications (PQA), Short Messaging Standard (SMS) and Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language (DHTML) with Wireless Markup Language (WML) emerging presently.

User Recommendations

Financial Fusion offers complete wireless functionality with rapid deployment due to the ubiquity of the Stage III Architecture. Of course, with any wireless venture, speed of implementation is important, but stability during rollout is even more so. The worst thing any company could do is to rush blindly into a wireless venture, simply because users are clamoring for it. Our advice is to take your time in selection, talk to AT&T and IBM Global Services in addition to Financial Fusion, not only to gauge pricing, but also to gauge functionality, speed, and security. Financial organizations should be concerned with not only the product offerings from emerging wireless vendors, but also the corporate strategy and financial viability of these companies.

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