FolloWAP Launches iFollow - Gee Wiz Bang! Wireless Instant Messaging!

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FolloWAP Launches iFollow - Gee Wiz Bang! Wireless Instant Messaging!
P. Hayes - May 22, 2000

Event Summary

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) - FolloWAP Inc., a leading developer of advanced services for WAP-enabled mobile devices, proudly announces the commercial launch of iFollow, the latest innovation in wireless instant messaging.

Market Impact

iFollow functions as a gateway, regardless of which physical device or instant message software a person is using. The service allows users to maintain constant communication with their preferred Internet friends and/or business colleagues and clients.

While iFollow claims interoperability between all Instant Messaging services, we expect AOL to cut iFollow's service off immediately (Probability 90%). Nonetheless, through interoperability with the majority of IM services available on the Internet today, iFollow users will be able to interact with 65% of them. The iFollow application is ready for production and release, and ready to provide increased Internet functionality to Wireless Access Phone users.

User Recommendations

While instant messaging is desirable, whether mobile or stationary, interoperability is a headache for even the most aggressive and experienced Instant Messaging software providers. We recommend that wireless users hold off from establishing an account with the iFollow service, until such time as the service has proven to be reliably interoperable. If it does, jump on board!

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