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Friendly Competition Friday - 2010 Analyst Audience

Written By: josh chalifour
Published On: January 14 2011

I was playing with an interesting site recently called Compete.com. Compete.com tracks the US traffic audience of various Web sites. Thanks to you, our visitors, I was pleased to see that TEC has surpassed a number of firms (Gartner and Forrester) over the last several months. To see for yourself, click this compete.com link for the 2010 stats.TEC vs. Gartner vs. Forrester vs. Aberdeen vs. Corporate Executive Board

click the image for a larger version

As much as I appreciate this graph, it represents the US region specifically. I'd be curious to see where the rest of the world goes for its information about enterprise software issues.

Here's a bit of trivia for you. If you're visiting our site from the US, you're part of the 36% of our audience that is based in North America. The rest of our Web audience comes from Asia - 24%, Europe - 13%, Latin America - 10%, Africa - 8%, Middle East - 6%, and Oceania/Australia - 2%.

We have a lot of new work planned for publishing in 2011, so I hope it proves as useful to everyone as the material from the past year has.
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