GSA Schedule Partnership Gets Network-1 in the Door

GSA Schedule Partnership Gets Network-1 in the Door
L. Taylor - June 26, 2000

Event Summary

Lyme Computer Systems, a $16 million full-service computer reseller specializing in host embedded intrusion prevention systems has formed a strategic partnership with Network-1 Security Solutions to deliver host-embedded intrusion prevention systems. Lyme, which holds a GSA and Federal Supply Schedule, caters to Federal Agencies and the educational market.

Figure 1. Lyme Computer Systems' GSA Schedule adds value to partnerships.


Market Impact

Network-1's commitment to the partnership shows how important it is for vendors hoping to make in-roads in the Federal Agency market to be on the GSA schedule. Federal Agencies can rapidly expedite the procurement of products and services of companies that are on the GSA schedule. The difference is significant enough that if you're not on the GSA schedule, most Federal Agencies don't even take your products and services into consideration.

User Recommendations

Lyme's GSA ID number is GS-35F-4754G and they are a VAR of all the major vendors. Through Lyme's GSA contract, Federal Agencies can now take advantage of Network-1's Security Solutions. Network-1 is the maker of CyberwallPlus, a stateful inspection firewall with built-in intrusion detection. Stateful packet inspection devices, or smart devices, look at the patterns of the Internet traffic for suspect activity patterns.

It behooves Federal Agencies to do business with companies that have a GSA Federal Supply Service logo displayed on their website. Circumventing the GSA process has such enormous time constraints that most Federal Agencies don't even bother attempting that route of procurement. The GSA application process is lengthy - striking up a partnership with a VAR already on the GSA schedule will get you in Federal Agencies faster.

Editor's Note:
This article has been modified from its original form since the original publication date.

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