Gathering Requirements for Recruitment and Staffing Enterprise Software

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TEC’s 2011 Focus on HCM, Talent, and Recruiting

Over the last several months, I have been working on revamping TEC’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Evaluation Center to ensure that it includes the vast variety of human resources (HR) and related enterprise software solutions available on the market today. My current research initiative is to develop a recruitment and staffing space for our HCM Evaluation Center.

This new space will complement and will be integrated with our existing research spaces for HR, learning management systems (LMSs), talent management, and core HCM software. It will contain features and functions geared toward helping HR professionals manage tasks related to selecting and hiring people with the right skill sets and tracking recruitment outcomes for analysis.

Until this space is publicly available and populated with recruitment and staffing solutions to evaluate, I invite you to download the newly available Recruitment and Staffing Request for Proposal (RFP) Template. This RFP worksheet addresses the following software functionality:

  • Organization structures and modeling

  • Corporate branding

  • Sourcing

  • Applicant tracking

  • Assessment and selection

  • Governance and compliance

  • Vendor management systems (VMSs) portal

  • Recruitment analytics and reporting

What HR Pros and Company Execs Should Know about the Recruitment and Staffing RFP Template

Maybe you’re just starting out on your software selection project and are bewildered about how to properly gather the information you’ll need to make your decision. Moreover, once you’ve gathered all that information, what will you do with it? TEC specializes in this kind of data collection and organization and has a document that could save you and your company a lot of time—and money!

Organizations in need of enterprise software solutions come to TEC’s evaluation centers to conduct research and download white papers, articles, etc., and many also purchase our RFP templates. Coupled with our decision support software—TEC Advisor, the RFP template serves as a starting point in what traditionally is a long and tedious process. These templates help organizations to easily gather and prioritize their business needs in a simple, categorized Excel spreadsheet.

Our new Recruitment and Staffing RFP Template contains more than 1,000 criteria and covers an organization’s HR business requirements for all activities associated with the hiring process (including applicant tracking, candidate relationship management, and on-boarding).

What Vendors Should Know about the New Recruitment and Staffing Evaluation Model

If you would like to include your product in our recruitment and staffing research space and have your company’s product information available to our end-user community for comparison with other vendors in your market space, please contact me for a briefing. Once I’ve established that your product would be a good fit, I’ll provide you with a request for information (RFI) questionnaire that allows you to detail your product’s level of support for specific functionalities within the area of recruitment and staffing.

Once you’ve completed this RFI, you will become part of TEC’s Vendor Showcase and be included in potentially thousands of software evaluations that are conducted each year using our selection tools.
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