Global Trade Hits Home at MegaResistCap-Part IV: Blinded Me with Science

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At the end of part III of this series, the software selection team at MegaResistCap had turned in their software selection votes to the company’s executive operating committee. Jim, director of information technology (IT), was anxiously awaiting the voting result, which was now being announced by Francois, the company’s chief legal counsel. Francois wasn’t one to mince words, and got right to the point: “It is with great pleasure that I announce the results of the global trade management software selection team. You have all worked long and hard at this endeavor and the committee wants to thank you for your efforts. Your work will help turn MegaResistCap into a global organization. After reviewing the results of your choices, we have decided on the global trade management solutions provided by our current ERP vendor, The Best ERP.”

Applause broke out in most parts of the room. A few people hugged and there were even a couple of high fives. However, everyone knew that the vote was close and, in particular, the human resources (HR) team was not in favor of putting more eggs into their current ERP basket. So, Francois knew he needed to justify the decision further to the naysayers. He continued, “I know that some of you may not agree with the decision, and I have to admit that this wasn’t the easiest decision to make. The final three candidates in the selection process were all very strong. However, the real tiebreaker came from Jim’s detailed responses to the survey. Jim backed up his opinion and choice with decision-making science. His detailed graphs and scientific justification gave us the confidence to move ahead with this decision for the whole company.” With that, Francois moved put the following slide up on the screen:

This slide shows the scores of the shortlisted vendors that the team voted on. With this one slide, the looks of defiance from the HR group began to fade away. They couldn’t argue with the science of decision making that Jim had been hammering home during the selection process. What Jim didn’t tell everyone, was that he used Technology Evaluation Centers TEC Advisor decision support system to develop his response. He’d keep that in his back pocket for the next round with HR, which was sure to come soon with them looking to bring in a new “social media–enabled” hiring system. But, that’s another story . . .

System Implementation Benefits
The implementation of the additional functionality into the company’s ERP system landscape went smoothly. MegaResistCap had chosen a solution that the vendor promised could be easily extended, and to everyone’s delight, this proved to be the case.

The full suite of system extensions for supply chain management (SCM) and global trade management (GTM) took less than 4 months. The system was ready to go live just in time for Jim to catch one more game of his beloved Giants. He thought it was probably last game of the season, because the Giants were down 0-2 in the best of 5 series with the Reds. No team had ever come back from this kind of deficit, but Tim Lincecum was called to the mound and put together 4 1/3 innings for the record books. Maybe Jim and Tim were together all along in what was looking like a successful season.

When the SCM and GTM system enhancements went live, the solution was able to support all the business requirements needed for MegaResistCap to go global. This put the company almost a year ahead of schedule to begin expanding their customer base outside of the United States. Not only could they bring in Singh’s nephew (see Part I of the series) for training for his summer internship next year, but they also didn’t have to worry about being out of compliance with deemed exporter regulations.

In addition to critical support for global trade operations, there were other benefits realized from the SCM system extensions. A short list of benefits included

• improved visibility into the supply chain network,
• increased collaboration within the supply chain,
• better overall management of the entire supply chain, and
• improved cost management (including total landed cost visibility).

For more details of what SCM solutions provide and what they can do for your company, take a look at the TEC 2012 Supply Chain Management Buyer’s Guide.

This concludes Part IV, the final post, of this series.
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