Google Takes on the Data Quality Space with Its New Refine 2.0 Product

After Google’s recent acquisition of Metaweb comes Google Refine 2.0 (formerly Freebase Gridworks 1.0), a tool that enables organizations to work in the refinement of large data sets. The new product is open-source based and comes with a large number of transformation expressions and commands. It can transform data from one format to another, as well as including data from external sources (other databases and Web services, etc.).

Data quality is still a major concern when dealing with any type of data set. This offering may serve two very useful purposes: for data quality novices, the access to learning the fundamentals of this complex discipline, and for experienced users, a tool that is accessible in terms of cost.

The code is available for download here. To learn more about Google’s new Refine 2.0 tool, click here, or watch the video.
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