HP Selects E2open for Global Supplier Collaboration

After being recently selected by Yanfeng Visteon, E2open continues to prove that supply chain management (SCM) solutions lend themselves well to cloud deployment with its most recent win. Namely, HP has just selected the E2open Business Network as one of its platforms for consolidated global procurement. The cloud-based platform for collaborative execution across global trading networks will be used across all major HP product lines.

For both growing companies and those in transition, moving SCM to the cloud provides flexibility and access to new technologies quickly. HP is known for the transformation of its operations to more cloud-based technologies and the selection of E2open is the next step in this transformation. The company already uses cloud solutions such as salesforce.com, Workday, and Ariba, and has SAP on the enterprise resource planning (ERP) side on-premise. HP joins peer companies such as Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, and IBM as an E2open customer.

As HP attempts to be more collaborative and nimble with its supply chain, the company can better serve its customers and respond more quickly to market changes. More than 34,000 trading partners, with over 105,000 unique registered users, currently participate in the E2open Business Network, which allows participants to access and share data and execute business processes in a secure, real-time manner. The E2open Business Network also provides collaboration tools and analytics so that E2open customers can make more informed and efficient decisions.

HP expects that the E2open platform will allow it to achieve greater centralized procurement process efficiencies and help its suppliers reduce lead times and inventory (i.e., a lower cost to serve). A majority of HP’s trading partners were apparently already active on E2open’s Business Network. E2open enables collaboration across purchase orders, sales orders, inventory, and returns for both vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and HP-owned inventory. By selecting E2open, HP expects to be able to flexibly manage those multiple methods of inventory management.
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