HRM Research Analyst Job Opportunity

We’re seeking an additional HR software-focused research analyst to join our team at our Montreal headquarters. Please contact us if the following job description interests you.

TEC seeks a research analyst and consultant for enterprise software subjects such as human resource management (HRM), compensation, performance, and incentive management, and finance. Candidates must apply strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills to all aspects of their work.

A successful candidate will be expected to use his or her experience, knowledge, and information gathering skills to analyze developments within the enterprise software space and consider how these apply to client business requirements. TEC research analysts/consultants must synthesize their research for articles, reports, and face-to-face support helping clients make well-informed decisions about enterprise software subjects.


  • Strong capacity to communicate difficult concepts to the layperson

  • Expertise in a variety of enterprise software subjects, particularly human resource management, compensation management, and surrounding technology issues

  • Ability to analyze facts about the enterprise software industry

  • Ability to analyze client requirements for software

  • Previously published articles, reports, or other documents regarding enterprise software issues

  • Acquaintance with analyst relations personnel and processes is desirable

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Stay up-to-date on the market for the given field

  • Provide support to TEC business development teams

  • Develop TEC analysis models

  • Ensure the models address client and software vendor requirements, functionality, services, and other relevant factors

  • Review all software vendor responses to requests for information (RFIs)

  • Perform functional analyses of software vendors that join TEC’s programs

  • Develop analyst relations contacts with vendors

  • Write research articles and reports

  • Work with TEC clients to model their business processes and map these to functional aspects of enterprise software systems

  • Consult with TEC clients to answer their questions about enterprise software issues.

  • Assist TEC with vendor contacts, client questions, and internal questions

  • Assist with various TEC research projects

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