Here Comes aspenONE Software for Acid Gas Cleaning and Safety Valve Sizing

Aspen Technology, Inc. (a.k.a. AspenTech), a provider of software and services to the process industries, announced the availability of the V8.3 release of the umbrella aspenONE software, which includes the new release of the Aspen HYSYS petroleum refining process design and operation suite. The release includes new functionality in Aspen HYSYS software—Acid Gas Cleaning to model gas sweetening units, and Pressure Safety Valve Sizing integrated from the 2012 acquisition of PSVPlus, which allows process engineers to size pressure safety valves as an integral part of the overall process design for the first time.

These new capabilities enable users to optimize upstream, midstream, and refining processes faster and to produce inherently safer designs. There is essentially no competition for the pressure safety valve sizing capability, which incorporates relief valve sizing within the process simulation tool. Previously, AspenTech was able to offer Aspen HYSYS for simulation, and the results of the simulation would indicate the design parameters needed for pressure safety valve sizing. Then the actual design would happen most often in a custom spreadsheet or using several very small standalone software tools. Afterwards, the user would use that pressure relief valve design to move on to Aspen Flare System Analyzer, to design the relief network “downstream” of the valves. The ability to incorporate pressure relief (safety) valve sizing/design in the simulation model at this stage is unique.

For acid gas cleaning in Aspen HYSYS, AspenTech has one main competitor, namely Bryan Research and Engineering (BR&E). Customers who have tested AspenTech’s new capability have reportedly confirmed that this newly introduced solution is easy to use and more accurate in several key areas than the competition. Additionally, AspenTech offers the ability to model the entire system within one product. Both acid gas cleaning and pressure safety valve sizing are included in Aspen HYSYS in a single modeling environment with intuitive workflows.
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