Hi from Kurt: TEC's New PLM Analyst

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Hi, my name is Kurt, and I am a new member of the Research Analyst Group at TEC. Before contributing anything else to this blog site, I’d like to briefly introduce myself.

I’m from China, where I earned my degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for 10 years mainly helping manufacturers plan and implement information systems. During the last 5 years in China, I invested all my energy into building up a product lifecycle management (PLM) developer. This period of time gave me not only great opportunities to better understand what today’s manufacturers really need in terms of IT, but also a good variety of aspects of running a business. In addition, I truly enjoyed the brotherhood there.

When I arrived in Canada, I decided to keep myself away from work for a little while. I feel lucky that I made the right decision in working towards and attaining an MBA at HEC Montreal—which is a great business school that I fully recommend. During my studies there, I managed to maximize my knowledge and gain on both the business side and the technology side. More importantly, I learned two things that were not very strong in my technology-oriented mind originally - knowing how important it is to look back (reflection) and knowing how to look ahead (strategy).

As a research analyst specialized in PLM, my future blogs will stay mainly in this area; but I also have interest in other topics. For example, recently, I just finished a consulting project on the topic of tackling climate change issues in management for a global manufacturer in the mining and metal sector—and I feel there are many things worth discussing. IT is becoming more involved in environmental issues and we need to talk more about it.

It is a great honor to become a part of TEC. I believe it is an excellent place to learn, to contribute, and to have a lot of fun. I’ll see you around.
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