How Carolina Color Chose abas ERP

Abas-USA recently announced that Carolina Color Corporation has chosen abas Business Suite for its future planned growth and business. Carolina Color provides accurate matching services and eco-friendly, proprietary colorant solutions for unique customer applications.

Carolina Color reportedly started an enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection process in 2007 to replace a homegrown system. Abas was invited to participate and was shortlisted with two other solutions.

Central to its business is color matching. When customers need a color match, they send in a sample piece of plastic and Caroline Color analyzes it for pigments, additives, resins, etc. The lab collects a great deal of information, creates samples, and documents formulas. Carolina Color has pricing formulas based on quantities, current costs, future costs, and many additional factors. A color match record is created with a product formula.

Abas used one of the additional tables in its database to create this requirement for the prospect in a day. This is an example of the flexibility of the abas system, where a non-standard ERP function can be created or recreated, and integrated with the rest of abas ERP.

Despite the strong impression abas made in 2007, Carolina Color decided at that point, to write its own ERP system. Four years later, after significant expense and the lack of true functionality, the company reconsidered its decision. Abas-USA CEO Alan Salton was contacted by the company’s IT manager, who started the conversation with, “Remember me?” Not only did Salton remember, but he still had the custom table with the calculations in the system after five upgrades, untouched and still functional. He showed it to Carolina Color again, and explained, as a proof of concept, the upgrade capabilities, and the additional functions and features since the last demo.

The company underwent another ERP selection process, which included several packages. Reportedly it came down to abas, Epicor, and Microsoft Dynamics AX. After several in-depth demos and discussion, Carolina Color selected abas ERP.
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