How Do People in Different Regions of the World Select Software?

  • Written By: Yu Chen
  • Published: December 8 2009

The joke “If … Made Toasters” (here is one of many variations) has been circulating and evolving on the Web for quite a long time. The first time I read it was at least 10 years ago, but once in a while I still receive it in my inbox. Since we’re always looking for something different, I’m taking the initiative and starting a new topic in a similar pattern—how do people in different regions select software?

The United States (US): In order to select software, Americans need a lot of time and talented people to create derivative selection instruments, key performance indicators (KPIs), and even standards for software selection. After that, they will outsource the rest of the work to China and India.

Germany: In order to perform the most precise software selection, the German selection engineers have developed a selection model that includes 100 modules with 1,000 selection criteria for each module. This selection model gives the best results in the world. The only problem is that the cost of selecting the software is usually higher than the price of the software being selected.

Japan: The Japanese adopted some software selection methodologies that were originally created in the US. These methods weren’t popular in the US at the time, but the Japanese managed to use these methods to make their selection processes very lean. They also invented a portable device called “Selectman” that can perform 50 selection projects using two AAA batteries.

China: Although China is not the best in the world in terms of selecting software, it receives massive amounts of selection contracts outsourced from all over the world. When foreigners complain: “can we find any lousier software selection service?”, the Chinese will showcase the selection projects they have done for themselves, which are even worse.

Canada: The Canadian method is endless: when eventually the decision is made, all three competing vendors are chosen because the Canadians don't want to make anyone feel bad.

I’ll stop here and let you provide other possibilities. Please add the regions you want to write about in the comments and let’s see how long the list can be.
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