Hummingbird Releases Genio 4.0 With Improved Support for Oracle, Business Objects, Cognos, and NCR

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Event Summary

"TORONTO, Jan. 13 /CNW-PRN/ - Hummingbird Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ: "HUMC" and TSE: "HUM"), a world-leading enterprise software solutions company, today announced the immediate availability of Genio Suite 4.0, representing a tremendous leap forward in functionality for the market-leading data integration solution. This release was designed with significant improvements to usability, performance and openness to better support organizations as they implement large-scale enterprise data warehousing and e-commerce solutions.

As organizations move into the post Y2K era, IT leaders are looking to implement the business-critical applications that have been postponed. Topping the list of these projects are e-commerce and data warehousing initiatives which both share the challenge of massive data volumes and the need for integration with existing environments.

Genio Suite version 4.0 extends Hummingbird's open metadata strategy, by including wizards for importing and viewing Business Objects' Universes and Cognos' Catalogs, in addition to Hummingbird BI/Suite. This significantly increases the usability of leading business intelligence tools with Genio Suite, since all metadata is shared in a common repository with cross-links between metadata objects. Other key enhancements in this release include improved loading capabilities of NCR Teradata and Oracle 8. With performance as a critical success factor for e-commerce and analytical applications, the loaders are a welcome addition to Genio Suite; they help enterprises significantly reduce the time required to manage the large transaction volumes to improve the responsiveness of these systems."

Market Impact

The addition of a graphical interface for designing information flows, enhanced support for Hyperion's Essbase 5 & 6, a SAP certified solution for loading SAP's BW (Business Information Warehouse), wizards to provide a link to the metadata in Cognos and Business Objects business intelligence solutions, and improved loading capabilities to Oracle 8 and NCR, should provide Hummingbird Genio with a stronger product. (For more information about the prior version of Genio see "Hummingbird Announces Extraction and Portal Strategy for ERP" October 27th, 1999.) It should be noted that Hummingbird is relatively new to the ETL industry, and their technology should be examined closely.

User Recommendations

Customers examining Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) tools should include Genio on a long list of candidates. One question that should be asked of the vendor is which fast load technology is employed with Oracle and NCR Teradata (there are a variety of options). In addition, it should be noted that its claimed support for changed data capture (an important feature which avoids table scans and requires a method to identify changed records), is only via Sybase's Replication Server product. Another feature that may provide additional speed and should be examined is the ability to compile transformation objects, which avoids the typical interpretive nature of ETL tools. Genio states that "all metadata is shared in a common repository with cross-links between metadata objects". (For an alternative approach see "Informatica Conforms to Metadata Standard" November 10th, 1999.) There are many issues to be weighed when considering common versus distributed metadata repositories.

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