IBM Announces IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data

ibmlogo.pngIBM has announced IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data, an offering that combine big data analytics with security intelligence capabilities for addressing both internal and external cyber security threats. The solution aims to provide a comprehensive offering for security analysts to extend their capabilities in detection and prevention.

Made in IBM Labs, Security Intelligence with Big Data enables big data analysis with real-time correlation capabilities as well as data forensic capabilities to analyze large volumes of structured and non-structured data across disparate data channels, to provide evidence gathering and to detect suspicious patterns and identify risks.

Brendan Hannigan, general manager of IBM’s Security Systems Division, stated:
Leveraging assets from across IBM, we are on a relentless push to expand the scope of our security intelligence capabilities for clients. Our goal is to provide actionable insight into every bit of data, no matter where it resides across the network, and help clients learn from past activity to better secure the future.

Some key capabilities of this new offering include:

  • Real-time correlation and anomaly detection of data

  • High-speed querying of security intelligence data

  • Flexible big data analytics capabilities

  • Graphical front-end tool for visualizing and exploring big data

  • Forensics data techniques deep visibility into network activity

Mark Clancy, chief information security officer and managing director of technology risk management at the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, had this to say:
As the sophistication and technological means of cyber-criminals increase, the financial industry and government need to move to a risk-based framework that incorporates the dynamic nature of the threat landscape. We need to move from a world where we "farm" security data and alerts with various prevention and detection tools to a situation where we actively "hunt" for cyber-attackers in our networks. IBM’s Security Intelligence with Big Data solution gives us a practical way to gain visibility across our environment. We’re gaining real-time security awareness and meaningful insight into historical activity across years of diverse data.

IBM Security Intelligence with Data also includes a set of pre-packaged content to help companies achieve the application of data security best practices.

This and other offerings will help to expand big data usage and, at the same time, provide the big data space with more robustness and maturity to address real business needs.
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