IBM Cognos 10.2 BI Is Now a TEC Certified Product

ibm_logo1501.pngWe are pleased to announce that IBM Cognos BI, one of the leaders in the business intelligence (BI) space, is now part of TEC’s certified BI applications family of products, and is available for evaluation online in TEC’s Business Intelligence and Data Management Evaluation Center.

Cognos, the former Canadian company, has been a longtime leader in the BI space and one of the most well-known BI solutions globally. Since its acquisition by IBM in 2007, it has become one of the largest and powerful BI enterprise solutions on the market.

I’ll be providing the full certification report in just a couple of weeks. In that report, I’ll review some of the main features of IBM Cognos version 10.2, including its strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide an analysis of each module within TEC’s BI software research model. The report will be available for download on the TEC Certification Reports page.

In the meantime, I would like to provide you with a brief overview of some of the key functionality features of Cognos in areas such as reporting and analysis, analytics, data warehousing, workflow, data integration, support, and product technology, which are common to most BI solutions on the market.

About Cognos
Cognos is the strongest BI arm of IBM’s set of solutions, and it is certainly one of the leaders in the BI and analytics space. Thanks to the continuous evolution of IBM products as well as a series of important acquisitions by IBM to incorporate and expand its analytics portfolio, Cognos has gained power and flexibility with a series of derivative offerings and the functional expansion of its existing capabilities.

The Cognos BI platform accounts for one of the largest analytics portfolios in the industry. It provides a range of offerings—from a general-purpose offering, to industry vertical offerings, covered by its IBM Smart Analytics System family, to line of business (LOB) analytics offerings, such as the new Cognos Express and Cognos Insights products, to its complete set of analytics solutions, offered along with IBM’s SPSS (software package used for statistical analysis).

About Cognos BI Enterprise
Since being acquired by IBM, Cognos has broadened its horizontal functionality—widening its integration with powerful third-party software business applications, such as for Big Data sources. It has also extended its functional reach through different software acquisitions and in-house development of rich sets of industry and LOB vertical functionality. In addition, the product has amassed a wide variety of functional features for leveraging simple and complex dashboards and scorecards (see screenshot below).
IBM Cognos Dashboard Screenshot (Courtesy of IBM)

A sample of this extensive growth and increase in power is reflected by some of the results for IBM Cognos BI obtained from TEC’s evaluation model, which were garnered during the certification process. IBM Cognos BI obtained powerful results in areas such as Analytics and Data Integration, where it shows outstanding functional coverage.

The figure below shows the outstanding rating of IBM Cognos BI’s analytics features when compared with those of the average product in the BI industry as determined by TEC.


Some of the outstanding features of IBM Cognos BI are contained in the product’s ability to provide an extensive set of analytics features and the simplicity that allow users to perform an analysis task as well as modifications and editing to existing sets of analytics. The extensive use and control of metadata enables users to perform modifications without a single line of code.

To achieve TEC certification, IBM Cognos completed TEC’s detailed questionnaire (download sample BI RFI templates) and delivered the formal product demonstration I’d requested. This demo let me do a trial of some features that I was particularly interested in taking a closer look at, including more than 100 features and functionality sets.

I encourage you to stay tuned for the full certification report. In the meantime, you can interactively review IBM Cognos BI in TEC Advisor.

If you have specific questions about Cognos BI’s certification, please leave me a comment below, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.
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