IBM Presents Social Business Tools Future Releases at IBM Connect 2013

ibm.jpgThe IBM Connect 2013 Opening General Session peeked into what the future will bring for IBM's clients and partners. The company will launch a new suite for human resources (HR), and new versions of the IBM Connections social business platform and the Customer Experience Suite.

A series of applications meant to create collaborative work environments (i.e., community builder, video conferencing, activity streams, document sharing, whiteboard collaboration, etc.), will be central to the HR software solution. In fact, rich media, whiteboard collaboration, and activity streams were presented as being tightly integrated, thus facilitating exchanges on a diversity of tasks. In addition, the solution will include predictive hiring analytics that help candidates and HR professionals understand who makes a good fit for available positions. The solution will include workforce analytics meant to ensure that learning is a continuous process that anticipates organizational needs rather than being reactive to emergency situations. The IBM Employee Experience Suite will combine IBM's social and communications technology with the newly acquired talent management suite from Kenexa.

IBM Connections will benefit from the technology sheltered by the IBM Client Center for Cognitive Computing Analytics, which was also mentioned during the opening talks. Watson's natural language processing (NLP) capabilities will assist customer service reps with accessing complex and unified views of customers, as well as generating scenarios and deriving optimal customer interactions.

The Customer Experience Suite will be advanced with single-click social media publishing of promotional content, such as ads and other promotions. The solution will also incorporate collaboration tools such as microblogging, instant messaging, document sharing, content rating, wikis, discussion forums, etc.
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