IBM Reinforces Its Performance Management Offering with Acquisition of Clarity Systems

Yesterday, IBM the blue giant announced its acquisition of Clarity Systems, a privately held company with its corporate base in Toronto (Canada). Complete press release here.

According to Mark Nashman, president and CTO of Clarity Systems: “Clarity System’s unified approach offers the flexibility, security, and control needed to make more informed business decisions while meeting compliance requirements.”

This enables IBM to extend its business analytics initiatives and provide a complete stack of analytic applications.

“Smarter decisions thrive on accurate financial information, and it is therefore imperative that financial governance systems reduce risk of error and provide confidence in the external reporting process,” said Rob Ashe, general manager of business analytics for IBM.

Is this an IBM positioning regarding SAP’s recent analytic products launch?

This acquisition seems to be part of IBM’s general strategy to complete the circle regarding information management and analysis. The other pieces of this jigsaw puzzle: IBM acquired PSS systems, a company devoted to implement information governance policies for companies with large amounts of business information; and recently completed the acquisition of OpenPages to enhance its offering in the field of risk management and compliance.

The data management and analysis area remains squarely in the sights of the big software vendors, as many companies are still looking to improve business performance and decision-making processes through the use of more powerful and resourceful tools.

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