ICIPE Replaces Legacy Systems with Agresso ERP

African research organization ICIPE, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, has selected Agresso ERP by UNIT4 Group to replace its administrative systems including project accounting, finance, and human resources (HR). ICIPE, which was established in 1970 in direct response to the need for alternative and environmentally friendly pest and vector management strategies, researches ways to better control and benefit from tropical insects and other arthropods.
The company is yet another international non-governmental organizations (NGO) to implement Agresso ERP. The project capitalizes on experience from a similar enterprise resource planning (ERP) project at CGIAR, an international consortium of non-profit agricultural research organizations. CGIAR is currently rolling out Agresso across 10 global research organizations to create a single research management IT backbone across the consortium.
ICIPE will leverage the knowledge and experience of these NGOs to ensure processes are optimized and cost savings are delivered. Another major reason to pick Agresso over another renowned global ERP provider was because it was the only ERP solution providing functionality across projects, finance, procurement, HR, and payroll for service businesses.
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