IFS Field Service Management Is Now a TEC Certified Solution

ifs.jpgTEC is pleased to announce that IFS Field Service Management is now part of Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC’s) field service management (FSM) certified solutions and available for evaluation online in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Evaluation Centers.

Within the next few weeks, the IFS Certification Report will be available for download on the TEC Certification Reports page. The report will provide a detailed overview of the product, with focus on its main abilities to support companies that rely on FSM as part of their operations. The solution will be described following the structure of TEC’s FSM software research model.

In the meantime, this blog post takes a brief look at some of the key features and functions that IFS demonstrated during the certification demo for its FSM software solution.

IFS Field Service Management solution emerged strongly upon the acquisition of 360 Scheduling and Metrix to address the needs of the high-volume/low-cost service market. IFS Field Service Management covers the two critical components of an FSM solution: labor management and parts management.

The IFS scheduling optimization capabilities (see image below) allow organizations to automatically schedule resources by inputting certain parameters such as service-level agreements (SLAs), skills sets and certifications, required parts, preferred technicians, etc. In addition, the application is also able to find the shortest route to customer destinations and reduce travel times by analyzing work order information, map information, and customer requirements—at the same time. Consequently, technicians have more time to spend on jobs, so they can execute them patiently and properly and thus achieve increased levels of customer satisfaction.


The parts management functionality allows companies to manage stock inventory on the field, do replenishment, move parts around the service supply chain, order parts from vendors, call for parts to be turned into repair centers, and once fixed return the parts to inventory. In addition, through IFS Field Service Management integration capabilities, businesses can keep the information in their ERP inventory systems up to date.

From a mobility standpoint, the solution includes Metrix for Android and Metrix for Windows, as well as capabilities in the portal area—enabling customers to generate their own service calls, check on the status of their calls or SLAs, etc. The IFS Field Service Management mobile solutions allow users to create reports, work orders, track time and attendance, track inventory, as well as monitor events and equipment.

IFS offers predictive analytics to facilitate the decision-making processes of field services organizations. Managers and supervisors can alter and correct certain aspects of their service cycles to address business challenges. IFS makes possible ‘what-if’ scenarios to envision what is actually required to resolve spikes in future demand, for example, or low performance.

To achieve TEC Certification, IFS completed TEC’s detailed questionnaire (download sample FSM RFI template) and delivered a comprehensive product demonstration. During the demo, IFS allowed me to view a large number of the IFS Field Service Management features and functions. In addition, I appreciated the presenters’ willingness and efforts to present capabilities as they had evolved historically.

Please stay tuned to read the certification report. In the meantime, you can interactively review IFS FSM via TEC Advisor.
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