Industry Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX by Edgewater Fullscope Is Certified

It’s my pleasure to announce that another software product within the manufacturing ERP model has been recently edgewater-fullscope-logo.jpgcertified by TEC. The Process Industry solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, developed by Edgewater Fullscope, now features the “TEC Certified Product” badge in TEC’s IT Showcase, meaning the software vendor has filled out TEC’s functionality questionnaire and gone through a comprehensive demonstration of the product with TEC analysts, whereafter we were able to confirm that the product fits the process industry vertical and can be used by businesses in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other areas of manufacturing where recipe-based and formula-based processes are extensively used.

The story of the solution itself is not quite a typical one for the development of an ERP solution. The vendor, Fullscope, originally founded in 1999 in Athens, Alabama, had been a multi-award-winning Microsoft partner and value added reseller of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Having clients within the process manufacturing industry and being one of Microsoft’s industry building partners, Fullscope decided to develop its own process manufacturing, process distribution, and total quality management functionality for the AX software that would directly support specific requirements of the industry, as the basic MS product was lacking those. It turned out that the development was so well done that in 2009 Microsoft decided to purchase the source code of those add-on modules from Fullscope and rolled them into current release of a standard AX solution for all its process industry customers. In the following year Boston-based consulting company Edgewater acquired Fullscope, and since then the vendor has been operating under the name of Edgewater Fullscope. More recently, by July 2012, Fullscope had developed two more sets of functionality for Microsoft—Process Industries with Process Industry Accelerator, and more specific functionality for the chemical industry. That upgraded Process Industries (PI2) version of the solution has been purchased by Microsoft again and added to the Microsoft Dynamics 2012 release. That value-added portion of the AX software was our primary focus during the software certification process.

Although Fullscope delivers the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution to all types of manufacturing companies, it specializes in process manufacturing. Its typical client is a medium- to large-sized manufacturing company (annual revenue per plant of $50 million and above, although Fullscope may lower the bar for some players at key industries down to $20-30 million). Food and beverage, specialty chemical, fabricated metals, industrial equipment, plastics, packaging products, and pharmaceuticals are among the most preferred verticals inside the process industry. The only exceptions are the apparel and oil and gas industries.

Geographically, Fullscope has direct sales in the U.S. and Canada, but it also has agreements with partners in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand. The company serves many customers with regional or global operations so in this regard Fullscope has a multi-country presence, mainly within the English-language manufacturing community.

Being a developer of Microsoft-accepted process manufacturing functionality, Fullscope is certainly capable of offering its clients a wide range of modifications and customizations if those are required by clients, although the standard functionality is quite extensive and able to fit the majority of business processes for most manufacturing companies.

More on the product background, highlights, features, and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses as measured against the average solution in the ERP for Process Manufacturing software space will be available in the Fullscope TEC Certification Report, coming to the TEC Web site soon.
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