InfiniteKM: Knowledge Management for Sales Channels and Contact Centers

InfiniteKM, a cloud (and on-premise)-based sales and service enablement platform, helps organizations’ sales channels and contact centers run smoothly and optimally. The platform has been developed by Infinite Media, and has evolved over the 15 years of experience the vendor has amassed working with some of the best-known brands in the world, such as Xerox, GE Mabe, ScotiaBank, John Hancock, Microsoft, LG, etc., helping companies meet their sales, support, and marketing knowledge management needs. This blog post highlights the main features of the system and outlines the importance of this knowledge management tool for employees in sales and contact centers.

The core functionality of the solution consists of the following:

  • highly configurable portals with role-defined views

  • e-libraries with built-in searching and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content management

  • learning management system (LMS)

  • proposal generation

  • full reporting and trending

  • Infinite Presenter (a Web-based tool that can be used to convert PowerPoint presentations into video-annotated content bytes to be shared with the appropriate audience). The system also includes a video content management system that enables users to have their own YouTube behind a firewall, going beyond the expected support for text and image content management.


The workflow engine included in the system enables sales teams to go through certain processes (e.g., information access for proposal generation, or approval of procedural documents). Recent testing of the InfiniteKM search engine against Google enterprise search proved that the engine was better suited for one of the knowledge search needs of the client who conducted the comparison.

Organizations can take advantage of the fact that the platform is able to pull data from Microsoft SharePoint and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, therefore becoming the front-end portal. In the reverse situation, its data can be displayed in other enterprise software tools such as Salesforce or Dynamics CRM.

The sales training site is a feature that enables the sales training team to directly interface with sales representatives; each team is able to see what is relevant to it owing to the role-based nature of the system. The proposal generation feature allows sales reps to develop rich proposals. Users can select what the customer wants to buy, pick the industry they are pitching to, and, in the case of indirect channels, generate co-branded proposals.

All these activities can be tied to incentives, where the company can control the value it places on individual activities to enable ongoing rewards for repeat usage. For instance, if a company launches a new product and it publishes training courses on the product, the reps that become enrolled in the training courses can accumulate incentive points whenever they sell that product.

From a contact center environment, InfiniteKM provides front-line agents with the simplified tools they need to find information to satisfy the customers’ requests. Customer support professionals have the necessary support to stay current with training requirements as well as the overall business objectives of the company. This reduces onboarding time, average handling time (AHT), and attrition rates, as well as increases the first-call resolution rate (FCRR) and improves the customer experience.

In addition, marketers can ensure that their collaterals are always current. Once marketers conceive and release a new campaign, they can monitor how many sales reps have been taking the training courses related to that campaign on their dashboards. In the case of low sales performance, they can see whether the results are affected by an insufficient number of sales reps taking the course, or whether the message was ineffective.

The system aims to solve major business problems in the following ways:

  • Fix inconsistent data (pricing, outdated materials, policies, legal, etc.)

  • Speed onboarding processes

  • Connect sales, marketing, and support to incentives


Companies that have already invested in MS SharePoint can choose to enhance their existing implementation with Infinite KM or replace it. There are a number of alternate learning management solutions in the industry such as Saba and, yet the key differentiator of Infinite’s LMS is that it can be used as a component of the entire platform.
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