Infor Continues Significant Investments to Support Healthcare Industry Vertical

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: March 7 2014

Verticalization is one of the biggest themes that providers of enterprise application software solutions are touting these days—the solution providers plug rapid deployment, minimized customization, and reduced time to value for ___________ (fill in your vertical industry). Though the messaging and marketing is right on target for organizations looking to purchase these solutions, the current offerings from the providers still regularly fall flat, often providing little more than a suggested packaging of their components, with a scattering of pre-packaged solution setups to get an organization started. This is not necessarily the fault of the providers; the complexities involved in classifying and prepackaging the requirements and unique business needs of a company in a vertical or micro-vertical industry segment into an off-the-shelf rapidly deployed solution is not a trivial exercise.

With that being said, Infor is one of the leading solution providers making significant investments and delivering on its promises for the healthcare industry vertical. Infor’s solutions have historically been a good fit for healthcare organizations of various sizes, and Infor’s commitment and focus on continuing to meet the needs of this market segment is evident from its recent pursuits in this area.

Infor’s Most Recent Healthcare Add—GRASP Systems International

Infor’s most recent announcement in support of the healthcare industry is its intent to acquire GRASP Systems International, Inc. GRASP provides automated patient acuity, workload management and patient assignment systems, and consulting services for healthcare organizations. GRASP's research-based methodology identifies a unique set of interventions required for each patient, and the solution can recommend and assign the right number of staff with the right skills in the right place at the right time with greater accuracy. In addition, GRASP's analytics and reporting capabilities and its National Comparative Database of clinical benchmarks enable organizations to identify patterns and trends to support effective workforce planning and forecasting.

Infor Healthcare Suite Recent Investments

Infor's significant investments in the Infor Healthcare Suite over the past year include the acquisition of CERTPOINT and PeopleAnswers (this helped to build out the Infor HCM suite of solutions and add learning and talent science capabilities), the launch of Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management, and further investments in Hook & Loop, Infor's in-house design agency. In addition, there have been new versions of Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management and Supply Chain Management released, as well as various SaaS and mobile-enabled product enhancements.

Infor Health 3.0, announced in 2013, includes a set of solutions that focus on issues specific to the healthcare industry in an integrated solution. The components of the solution include:
  • Infor Lawson Clinical Bridge (provides pre-built adaptors for connecting Infor Lawson and clinical systems such as Epic).
  • Infor Recall Management (helps healthcare providers identify, locate, and remove unsafe products, food, pharmaceuticals, equipment, and other items in response to recalls).
  • Medical Device Integration (facilitates the efficient monitoring of inpatient and home healthcare; Infor Cloverleaf is embedded into monitoring equipment).
  • Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor (helps patients make good lifestyle choices).

More to Come in 2014—Infor TrueCost and Cloverleaf

Infor Healthcare TrueCost, part of the Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management Suite and Health 3.0 initiative, is expected to be available later this year. Built to accurately capture direct, actual costs at the patient level, Infor Healthcare TrueCost consolidates cost information across an episode of care. This solution will allow decision makers to analyze and manage risk in a prospective payment or ACO environment, identify patient care variation in both acute and sub-acute care settings, and support the evolving environment of value-based reimbursement and patient-centered care. It also provides the analysis of care delivery across departments and facilities by combining disparate data sources including human capital management and supply chain systems, business intelligence platforms, electronic health records, and other clinical systems.

Additionally, significant investments are being made to support the Infor Cloverleaf Suite, a clinical integration and information exchange solution that creates a sustainable foundation for healthcare organizations to proactively manage, coordinate, and share data across the care continuum. Infor Cloverleaf Cloud is a SaaS-based solution that is deployed in a single-tenant hosted environment that is HIPAA-compliant and includes encryption, application monitoring, and audit controls by ClearDATA.

Later this year, the Infor Cloverleaf 6.1 should have the new Infor User Experience platform integrated throughout the environment, allowing collaboration and personalization. Additional updates available now include a new Android mobile application for Infor Cloverleaf Global Monitor, Infor Cloverleaf Exchange Analytics, which enables reporting around clinical measures, and the next generation of the Infor Cloverleaf Web Services adapter, which helps users implement service-oriented integration patterns for health interoperability.

Infor Commitment to the Healthcare Vertical

Infor hasn’t been making big headline news and paying (some might say overpaying) for the latest big thing as other industry heavyweights. Instead, what we are seeing from Infor is a focus and dedication to providing a complete set of capabilities to its core vertical markets like healthcare. Infor’s direction is best summed up by Kevin Curry, senior vice president, Healthcare at Infor: “The healthcare landscape is changing, we know this at Infor. We're evolving our solutions to meet the specialized needs of our customers and innovating new solutions to combat the challenges we see our customers facing down the road.”
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