Infor Delivers Implementation Accelerator for Automotive Suppliers

Infor has announced the general availability of the Infor Implementation Accelerator for Automotive Suppliers. Customers are now able to use the Infor Implementation Accelerator with Infor CloudSuite Automotive or deploy it with Infor LN, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for complex manufacturing and optimized for distributed global operations applications.
Infor Implementation Accelerators are a set of preconfigured yet flexible industry-specific processes that are based on best practices for processes that span the latest versions of the Infor application suites. These solutions use the Infor 10x technology framework to deliver core industry application processes to customers in a cloud-based or on-premises technology platform.
Prior to Automotive Suppliers, Infor had already released Accelerators for food and beverage (F&B), fashion, equipment, and other industries. Infor Accelerators look similar to SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (SAP RDS)—preconfigured database and business processes based on industry best practices along with training materials and collateral. However, where Infor differentiates itself is its focus on fewer vertical industries and on a number of microvertical-specific (sub-industry) solutions within those verticals (e.g., for automotive suppliers, automotive OEMs, etc.).
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