Infor Gets Social

infor-mingle-home-page.pngAt the Inforum 2013 user conference, Infor announced Infor Ming.le, a new platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. The social tool is embedded within Infor’s key systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), human capital management (HCM), enterprise asset management (EAM), etc., so employees across all areas of the business can communicate and collaborate, as well as follow people, assets, and processes relevant to the task at hand. Through the tool, users are thus able not only to talk about work issues and alerts, but also to solve them directly within the application.

Embedded intelligence in Infor Ming.le also shows contextual and other pertinent information to users.

Infor Ming.le offers a user experience that resembles the most widely used consumer social networking tools to help deliver relevant data to employees, connect colleagues by functional responsibility, and reduce reliance on e-mail. Infor Ming.le maintains information such as documents, plans, photos, and videos in a centralized location, and captures related activity.

In the consumer world, we follow friends; in the enterprise world we report to people, manage other people, and listen to changes in the work environment to act on them accordingly.

Infor Ming.le connects users to virtual representations of business objects, machines, and data, in addition to colleagues. Identified objects, ranging from purchase orders to power generators, can provide real-time updates to interested parties. Users can subscribe to these updates, receiving an alert upon every action and interaction related to the object, with each stored in an auditable trail in the feed.

Infor Ming.le leverages Infor’s ION middleware to help unify business applications and their data. Based on OAGIS standards, all applications using ION publish in XML business documents. Every business event or transaction processed within the ION technology produces an XML document that is stored in a repository for transaction data from multiple business systems for flexible reporting, business intelligence (BI), and analytics.

In addition, Infor Ming.le connects structured and unstructured processes, taking information contained in applications, including HCM, to connect employees to their functions and responsibilities, enabling others in the organization to quickly identify useful contacts. Because the platform is integrated to the data in the application, as users interact with Infor Ming.le, a map of the relationships between employees and business objects can be created, forming a so-called business social graph.

infor-mingle-feed.pngUsers can share the alerts, triggers, tasks, and actions with a message through Infor Ming.le to various groups. Through Infor Ming.le, employees with diverse roles should able to promptly solve a critical business issue despite not knowing each other. In addition, all actions and interactions will be transparent to all users and saved to the original transaction. The social platform captures vital corporate knowledge that can be lost through email and instant messaging; it tracks communications transparently in the context of business processes and provides a clear audit trail.
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